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Inside The New Design Within Reach

Inside The New Design Within Reach 1

If you recall, last week we shared a little Newsbite that Design Within Reach was was having a pretty massive, dramatic sample sale and that you could get goods up to eighty percent off. Really?! Yes, really. If you missed out on that sale, you missed out—because it’s over. That sale was happening because their Beverly and Crescent Heights location has now shuttered, being absorbed by the new Melrose DWR mothership. It’s the first Los Angeles expression of their new, open, staged concept that invites shoppers in not only to see goods but to see goods in action and project themselves into these seats and beds and tables and more.

The concept for the store is to expand upon the idea of a catalogue, activating its pages and bringing its contents to life. While this sounds obvious (Aren’t most stores an IRL catalogue?), the store both employs DWR’s trademark, in-house photography within the store and carries on that same clean, design-minded sensibility when merchandising. For example: there are a few areas where televisions are employed to show more views of an object and extra, complimentary objects that were photographed by the company. Moreover, looking at the way chairs and lamps are displayed—lined and in their own little boxes—suggests that of a page in a book. It’s a meta concept and also reminds of the catalogue enthusiasts on steroids at Ikea.

Inside The New Design Within Reach

Inside The New Design Within Reach  2

There’s also a bigger emphasis on DWR’s being a space where design happens. Their photography repurposing and cataloguing aside, they’ve provided lots of opportunities for shoppers to get involved in the DWR process. Stores now feature an interactive swatch library, beautifully displayed in a pixelated gradient at the front of the store in addition to an intimate, upstairs private showroom for those who want to get in the trenches with DWR designers (or, if you are fancy enough to have to enter through their back staircase). The store also features unique new marks of modern DWRs like their “Light Cloud” of lamps at the store’s entry and customizable, staged room vignettes (There are apparently twenty five of them in this store). This store is a collaboration between the brand and Sayigh Duman Architects, LLC to define the space, with Light Studio LA to define the lighting, and with 2X4 to define the overall branding and design for the store with DWR. It’s totally a group effort…just like a catalogue!

The new Design Within Reach is now open and is located at 8612 Melrose, right next door the brand new Seize Sur Vingt. It’s being here heightens the design focus of the area given its proximity to the Pacific Design Center and also shows how this once sleepy corridor is totally getting a wave of new life. Also: have you seen what this space used to be? This was the (massive) former home of way stodgy old world rug store Mansour Rug. How’s the space look now? It’s literally a glass box! They did some major rehabbing of this space and it does indeed look quite flawless. It’s also important to note that they very quickly turned this around (Just last week, it was still being assembled.) and that this is the third execution of this friendlier design concept after select San Francisco and New York stores. How lucky are we to be third? We’re getting a new store in Costa Mesa too.

Inside The New Design Within Reach 3

Inside The New Design Within Reach 4

Photos via Design Within Reach by Sharon Risedorph Photography, San Francisco.

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