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LAIY Video: Rivera

LAIY Video Rivera

The Downtown Los Angeles food scene is a bubbling pool of places to go. Most major LA food brands have opened up an outpost in the area in order to connect with this new, hungry audience. One place that has withstood time’s test is humble industry veteran Rivera from Chef John Sedlar. It’s a place that marries modern Mexican cuisine with a Los Angeles lightness to it. The restaurant is a fine dining destination and is one of the most beloved in the city: that is why we had to take a peek inside the place, to hear more on their process and how they make.

LAIY Video Rivera

A few months back we spent the afternoon with Chef John Sedlar who gave us a tour of his space, explaining what goes into making his style of food. It’s a bit of LA, it’s a bit of Mexico, it’s a bit of Spain: it’s a bit of it all. It’s a fusion, as they say, and it’s a beautiful thing since it not only is a combination of culinary styles but also of time since they incorporate classic Mexican cooking techniques for making food with foods that are not only seasonal but popular. “We built this restaurant so we could focus on how these foods got here and who we are as people today,” Chef Sedlar explains in the video. It’s no wonder he’s one of the many behind the upcoming, very buzzed about Latin culture hub Museum Tamal.

This video has been a long time coming and is something we are very proud of since both Rivera and John are LA icons of sorts. The video was filmed and directed by Shad Davis and edited by Matt Miller. The beautiful intro—which you can read more about here—was created by Chris Turnham and animated by Nancy Parczyk. The music featured is local act Fool’s Gold “Ha Dvash” from their self-titled 2009 LP, which you can check out here.

You can watch the video below and it’s a quick, delicious couple of minutes. You can check out Rivera at 1050 S. Flower Street: learn more about them here. If you are in town, the restaurant is also having a special holiday celebration for New Year’s Eve that will feature champagne and a five course meal. How fab is that? Learn about it here.

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