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A Sneak Peek At Jolby’s Shapes & Smiles

A Sneak Peek At Jolby's Shapes And Smile

This past week, we heard from our friends Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, the duo behind the Portland based design and illustration studio Jolby. The two sent word that they have an upcoming show in San Diego that they wanted to share with us: Shapes & Smiles at Subtext Gallery.

This will be their second solo show and second show at Subtext for the duo where they will share works that illustrate “what makes them happy” in their lives. They also passed along a quick video to promote the show that shares them working behind the scenes in their studio (where their dog even runs around, undoubtedly helping them finish their work).

One thing the duo has also made for people who will be visiting the show, is an “online walk-through of the art” that is the I>Shapes & Smiles Companion. “Whenever I’m at a show, I want to know what inspired a particular piece of art that I like,” says Josh, “We wanted a way for people to get info on the art they are looking at and also share what they liked with their friends who can’t come to the gallery.” The Companion is a nice accompaniment to the show and will share deeper insights into inspiration by way of smartphones and computers (which look much better than show companions that come by way of those weird ear-listening-art-tour devices).

Yes, the show is a little bit of a trek for Angelenos; however, it’s going to be a pretty sweet show. Take a train one weekend, see their show, maybe stop in to see PST’s Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and make a weekend of it. The show opens on December 16 (where there will be a reception from 6PM to 10PM) and is on view through January 16.

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