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Our 2014 Resolutions

Los Angeles, I'm Yours 2014 New Years Resolution

With a new year comes one of the most annoying yet necessary of somethings: you have to make some resolutions. It doesn’t matter if you intend to keep the resolution or not, you have to do it. The act helps to focus your year and get your momentum going toward something new, toward something more exciting. We traditionally practice resolution keeping as a means of pushing LAIY into new territory, to broaden our editorial scope and generally do more. Thus, it is time to share our 2014 resolutions in the hope that we keep them. Happy new year, everyone!

Before we dive into the eight hopes we have for 2014, let’s reflect on last year’s list. How did we fare?

1. Make The LAIY Drink Map.
Did that.

2. Be weirder with our stories.
That is debatable.

3. Make some videos!
Did that. Not sure how well they were received, though.

4. Travel to every Metro station and do a post on each Metro station.
Here’s the thing: this takes a lot of time and a lot of financial resources to properly execute. Thus, it did not happen. Maybe Metro wants to hire us to do some stories? Here’s hoping!

5. Make a product. Like, a tote bag.
Nope. Did not do that.

6. Do some relaxed events. Like, things that are easy for the host, the guests, and the concept.
Did that! Excited to do this more in 2014, too.

7. Try to get Apple to change their definition for the word “saturated.”
Nope. All I have to do is send an email and I just did not.

8. Get more voices, more opinions, more variety.
Unsure. We did bring in lots of new voices?

Not too bad! I’d say we broke even, which is what any resoluter would hope for.

Onward to 2014! This year we are scattering our intellectual tent poles as to cover a lot of ground. In studying the site over the years, in terms of what has worked and what hasn’t, we wanted to set goals that align with them. Moreover, we wanted to pursue things that every Angeleno is naturally curious about. Here are our 2014 resolutions. Happy self-change, everyone!

1. Try to get Apple to change their definition for the word “saturated.”
There was literally no excuse why we did not do this last year. No excuse! There were three hundred sixty five days filled with eight thousand seven hundred sixty hours in which an email could have been sent. It would take maybe thirty-ish minutes to draft a clever note and .000001 seconds to click send. How about this: we’ll send the note this week!

2. More creative architecture posts.
When we first started LAIY, we would do architecture stories like this and this. The goal with these is to find unique spaces that are vacant and get the story behind them, to understand why they have yet to have someone move into them. We cannot think of any places like this off the top of our head but these stories were always so well received. They get at that feeling that many Angelenos have, one caused by communal confusion inspired by something we’ve seen out our car or bus window.

3. Be more creative in how things are shared.
After watching the documentary Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, we were so inspired to make what we do the best that we can possibly make it. This is mostly in our photography department. How many times has there been coverage of a book or food something or whatever and the photos attached are said object sitting on a wood floor? Over that. Let’s have some fun taking these images! We did that with this post and want to do more of that this year/forever.

4. Go to Compton.
I have never been to Compton. Because of the nineties and because I am ignorant, I have never traveled to that South-of-the-10 area. Shame, shame, shame! We have some stories in the works that will get us down there but, in general, the area needs to be explored and demystified. We alluded to this in 2012 and did not do this: 2014 is the year that we will.

5. More happenings, please.
In addition to L.A.S., we want to do more. Don’t know what yet but tossing that out there…

6. See the forest through the trees.
We often get too caught up in ourselves to see the big picture of the site: to share quality, not quantity, stories about Los Angeles art, design, culture, and more. In an attempt to work smarter instead of harder, we’re hoping to not overdo it with posts because it feels like there is dead air. We need to do what needs to get done—and not overdo it. Basically, since there is a gratis operation, we need to chill the fuck out with overworking the site.

7. Revamp the site’s look.
By LAIY’s third birthday on October 3, 2014, she will have a new look. I want get the site a head to toe refresh, rethinking how the site looks and how LAIY carries itself. That will be fun! It will be a long project, too. The brainstorming has already begun…

8. Get out of LA more.
Being in LA is about being in California and traveling around the beautiful state. We go to Palm Springs a lot, yes, but there is more to the state than that desert hot spot. Why not go to Santa Barbara or Baja or Big Sur? Why not leave the state? We need to travel around to compare LA to other cities.

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