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Woody Kitchen Objects From Knotwork

Knotwork Los Angeles 1

If you’ve been around to any of the food festivals or craft festivals in Los Angeles in the past year, you have definitely seen the work of Knotwork. Their woody home goods with an eye for the kitchen are eye catching because they are so unique. They are not just wooden coasters and prep items but oddities like curvy serving spoons and wooden baby rattles. What they are making is familiar but the design of these objects are anything but.

Each time we’ve seen the group’s work, we’ve been wowed with their presentation. They build out a space that reminds of a kitchen prep area to show off how exactly their products can be employed. Knotwork comes from Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor, an industrial designer in the eyewear industry and an architect and part of Highland Park’s Knowhow Shop. The brand is a passion the two have been working on in their spare time that merges Hsiao’s ceramic talents and “desire for more beautiful kitchen tools” along with Taylor’s woodworking skills. They make their goods after their day jobs end, at night and over the weekends. They find inspiration in everything from objects found whilst hiking to vintage tools (which Taylor collects).

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Their work is very precious and the types of things that are made to be worn into—and which need to be delicately handled. For their woodworks, they make spoons and spatulas and serving boards all out of very soft woods, ones almost so nice that you don’t want to employ their utilitarian purposes. They also have some woodwax which they encourage to apply and reapply on any woody items being used in food service. The other side of the brand consists of ceramic works like a big stone/porcelain bowl, bendy “sippy cups”, and discrete pinched pitchers. Everything they make has a delicateness and oddity but remember: they are made to be put to work.

Knotwork does inhabit a high price point but, again, everything is made by hand—and quite nicely, too! They are little products of passion made because no one else has thought up such refined—and weird—tools for the kitchen. Moreover, no one else is using as high quality of wood as Knotwork is. They may look nice on the website, yes, but we assure you that they are incredibly soft in person and feature even more bends and curves to them than these photos suggest. They are one-of-a-kind pieces. We are sure Hsiao and Taylor will be making the rounds to LA craft affairs again this year but, for now, be sure to peruse their goods online.

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