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Anjelica Huston, Coming Soon To Vidiots

Anjelica Huston, Coming Soon To Vidiots

There’s something so fascinating about the lives of the Famous, especially when they manage to survive their childhood and achieve something glorious in their own right.

Take Anjelica Huston, for example: the seeds were there for a truly tempestuous start in life – growing up on a wild and remote Irish estate, irascible filmmaker father, John Huston, educated by tutors and nuns, glamorous and artistic mother, her father’s larger than life friends like Peter O’ Toole and Marlon Brando on extended visits.

And yet she forged her own path and has started to examine it in the first part of her memoir, A Story Lately Told. Ms. Huston will be doing a Q&A live at Vidiots on Friday January 17th and she’s a majestic presence (as you’ll know from your extensive collection of Wes Anderson movies), so this is not an event to be missed. Especially in such a quirky and curious place like Vidiots.

We spoke to Patricia Cohen, co-owner of Vidiots, about the upcoming event and her earliest memories of the Academy Award winning actress, author and director: “Anjelica became a great customer at Vidiots when she and Robert Graham first got together. He had been a good customer for as long as we can remember. Rumor has it that he used to watch movies and sculpt.”

This is not Ms. Huston’s first event at Vidiots, as Patricia explains: “Anjelica Huston did an event at Vidiots in 1997 for her directorial debut with Bastard Out of Carolina and its release on video. We remember her as lovely and gracious. Prizzi’s Honor holds a special place for us since it came out the year Vidiots opened in 1985 but The Royal Tenenbaums is our 9th all-time best rental!”

Joe Morgenstern, Pulitzer Prize winning film critic of KCRW and The Wall Street Journal, will be interviewing Ms. Huston at Vidiots and there will be a book signing of A Story Lately Told following discussion (books must be purchased at Vidiots). Tickets are $15.00, and can be purchased through their website. You can also purchase tickets in person at Vidiots at 302 Pico Blvd or by calling them. All proceeds go to The Vidiots Foundation.

As the Q&A unfolds at Vidiots, expect a hint of what’s to come in the second part of her memoir, Watch Me, due for publication in Fall 2014, as it opens in Los Angeles, 1973, just as she embarks on her Hollywood career in this crazy town.

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