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Best Homes With Gardens: A Glimpse Inside Twig & Twine

Twig And Twine Silver Lake Flowers 1

That block SQIRL is on really is something, isn’t it? It is technically in Silver Lake and it technically is in a “cool” area while uniquely being in a very Los Angeles bubble of hip, one in which everything outside of the block is still—for lack of better words—not gentrified. It definitely seems like the specific area—700 Virgil Ave, between Marathon and Melrose—is moving in warp speed.

A place like a flower shop will help this, too. At the South end of the block, there is now a little store called Twig & Twine, an intimate and very cute space to pick up an affordable, hand-crafted flower arrangements. It feels like a kind daisy being extended to the neighborhood, an open door to welcome all types of shoppers in to experience beauty on their own terms.

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The store comes from local Heather Williams, a Los Angeles transplant by way of San Francisco who opened the shop in November of last year. Twig was born out of what the area offered her: she had been working as a freelance florist making arrangements for weddings and events and, when she needed more studio space to match a growing client list, the space she now inhabits on Virgil popped up. She built out and executed her vision for the store quite quickly and in a way so cared for that you would have guessed she had been meticulously planning for the moment to open Twig & Twine for years: the store has a very clear vision which is executed beautifully.

The main focus of the store is indeed flowers. When you walk into the store, a giant wooden table covered in freestanding containers of bright flowers gives an excited hello. The flowers are accompanied by easily gift-able items like sexy photo books, ceramics, geodes, and more. The walls feature equally as cared for shelves along with a few tables neatly displaying more merchandise. You would assume that the price point and atmosphere for a “flower shop” would be off putting and slightly stuffy but what Williams has done is provided a graceful introduction to her craft, making it accessible to everyone from post-SQIRL brunchers to locals passing by. The prices reflect this too, positioned at a point that is affordable without being cheap and pricey without being ridiculous: there is a sense of self-awareness here.

Twig And Twine Silver Lake Flowers 3

For example, Williams sells little bud vases with a statement flower popping out of it for fifteen dollars. The gifts are easy takeaways that extend her floral work out of the shop without leaving a consumer feeling guilty about the purchase. Moreover, there seems to be some flexibility in what she’s doing since—unlike traditional flower shops—there aren’t rows of pre-fabricated arrangements on ice, chilling in a freezer. Instead Williams can help you craft a bouquet based on your desires and what your available budget is. The connection to a butcher shop comes to mind, one where the serviceman or woman behind the counter is an active part of your selection.

That’s what makes Twig & Twine special: it is a very local shop intended to make you feel like you are a part of something, regardless of where you are coming from or why you are stopping into the store. There is a genuine excitement to be open and an even more genuine care for the products being shared. The store offers its micro-neighborhood a service that everyone can enjoy on their own terms, appreciating it for both its practicality and beauty. What neighborhood wouldn’t want a place like Twig & Twine? It would also be a great place to stop into for unique Valentine’s Day treats, too.

Twig & Twine is located at 716 N. Virgil Ave and is open Wednesdays through Sundays. Get more on the store here.

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