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Kittens & Kale, Where The Cute Meets The Culinary

Kittens And Kale Los Angeles Art Book Fiar 2

There are a lot of happenings associated with this weekend’s Los Angeles Art Book Fair at MOCA, which just about every with-it Angeleno and his/her mother and father and entire extended family will be attending. We’ve heard that Gagosian, The Newsstand, VIA, and more will be exhibiting and that nearby Jancar Jones is even doing a book(let) release from 2PM to 4PM on February 1. The entire city will be abuzz about books!

One entry that we’ve gotten word of is a mixture of the fun and feline and is undoubtedly Angeleno. It’s a little print set called Kittens & Kale—Yes, Kittens & Kale.—that features young cats and young kale paired together for beautiful photos. It’s a hardcore local effort for a good cause that you are going to want to snatch up at the Art Book Fair.

The idea comes from creatives Claire Cottrell, Lauren Spencer King, Hamish Robertson, and Andi Teran. The concept is exactly what you think: seven little kittens were photographed along with kale. The photos are clean and very funny, featuring little cat dudes swiping at and playing with various types of kale. To help pump up the aww factor, the kittens used were all local rescues and a portion of sales is going to Best Friends Animal Society, an organization dedicated to making LA a no-kill city.

Kittens And Kale Los Angeles Art Book Fiar 2

Kittens And Kale Los Angeles Art Book Fiar 4

The fun doesn’t stop there, people: there are kale recipes that go along with each kard card. The group has enlisted an A-list selection of local culinary talents including Cookbook, Forage, Heirloom LA, Alma, Moon Juice, and Another Kind Of Sunrise, whose kale chip recipe you can actually find online now. Whether you are a kale enthusiast or a general food lover or—Shit.—maybe you just really like cats, you need to get yourself a little Kittens & Kale.

The set is available for purchase online here and retails for only $20. We’ve included a few outtakes from the many feline and frond photo shoots (Courtesy of Hamish.) and—if you still can’t get enough—LAIY’s brother site The Fox Is Black is giving away a sweet Desktop Wallpaper associated with the project. None of the photos that have been printed have been shared online so you will need to purchase the set to see more.

Kittens And Kale Los Angeles Art Book Fiar 3

Kittens And Kale Los Angeles Art Book Fiar 5

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