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A Preview Of Miwa Matreyek At REDCAT

A Preview Of Miwa Matreyek At REDCAT 1

Miwa Matreyek is a local animator, designer, and performer who is intent on colliding all the worlds together, creating altogether new theatrical experiences. She uses projectors to make in-person, live animations that employs shadow play to great effect. Her work is fantastical and delightfully confuses in that it dips heavily into surrealism and makes you question how she has created such a delicate, interesting world with light.

Her latest works are This World Made Itself and Myth and Infrastructure and she will be presenting them at REDCAT this Friday, February 7, through Sunday, February 9. The shows deal with the Earth’s creation from nothing to the hustling, bustling, interconnected place we know now—and what better medium to express this than shadows and light? Since her work is very visually focused, we wanted to share a little preview of video and imagery that will be used. The work is quite beautiful and, while we don’t fully understand how it works, we are certainly intrigued enough to want to check it out.

As you can see, Miwa’s work is a very complicated tangle. It’s easy to call it just animation or just shadow work but there is almost no dividing line between the two. The technologies used obviously have a great hand in the imagery looking like this and, funny enough, both the subject and means by which it is shared is done in a very “semi-scientific” way, as she explains. She plays with perception and scale and employs her body as a vessel for audiences to project themselves onto. The work looks spectacular and, despite knowing a little bit about shadow theatre, the mechanics of her work are incredibly elusive.

You can see some more sneaks at what the show looks like here and a preview of Myth And Infrastructure below. If you want to see more or simply are curious to dive into Miwa’s work, you should watch this to get an idea of her animations. It’s quite wonderful work!

A Preview Of Miwa Matreyek At REDCAT2

A Preview Of Miwa Matreyek At REDCAT3

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