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So, What Is The Website Associated With This Billboard?

So, What Is The Website Associated With This Billboard?

A few months ago while driving back from LAX or something on the far Westside, I decided to cut through the city via the La Brea corridor (from the 10 through La Brea all the way up to Sunset Blvd). It’s a really effective shortcut through the city and typically is a fun sightseeing trek from ‘hood to ‘hood. Around late October (I believe late October, I could be wrong), two billboards popped up that really piqued my interest. One was on La Brea to be seen when heading North just before Olympic, the other was on Olympic to be seen when heading East just before La Brea. I was super excited by the idea of a cool Los Angeles website–especially one so heavily advertised. I imagined it was a cool street style website or a neat pro-LA fashion website or it was a super WASP-y, Guest Of A Guest answer to people like The Cobrasnake: Los Angeles’ Finally-Here Older, More Fashionable Sister.

It isn’t that though.

The site is Hollywood Style Scene and it’s a little weird. The two advertised billboards for the website couldn’t ever get me to remember the name (HollywoodStreetStyle.com? HollywoodScene.com? StreetsOfHollywood.com?) until I saw an advertisement on a website for it. I clicked the link and went down the rabbit hole–super excited and curious and ready for something to add to my bookmarks. Yet, it wasn’t that. It was a site that wasn’t updated as often as I hoped and was slightly, you know, blog-y. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t something you follow a billboard for: it’s a site anyone in Los Angeles can create (via a Tumblr or Blogspot, etc.). It is well written and OK; but, we’re calling them out to create something that is cool Hollywood, but isn’t “Cool Hollywood.”

For a site that has assumed thousands (literally, thousands and thousands) of dollars at their disposal (because these billboards are thousands of dollars–because they’ve been up for months and are still up now: we saw them yesterday and, of course, Thanksgiving and other holiday times must cost a lot more than usual signs.), I was hoping for something that was going to blow me away. I wanted my face to melt in a desire to constantly refresh the page for new content. It wasn’t really like that: they update a few times a week, content only backs to six pages, and it seems like the events attended are parties and premieres and casual encounters with fashion in this city. That isn’t a bad thing! That’s great! We love that! The problem is that there are these billboards in countless locations along with some wheat pasting around town that likely cost a huge chunk of change that could be used for photographers, more writers, more staff, more collaborations, etc.: with all that money, you could create something amazing.

So, What Is The Website Associated With This Billboard?

Advertisement on Highland below Fountain.

We don’t know the Hollywood Street Style folks, but we’re calling them to action. Take down those billboards, take down those wheat pastes, take down those online ads and go to events every night, go to parties and snap photos, see what is going on around the city and share it! It’s a view of the city we (at Los Angeles, I’m Yours) do not see and do not have access to–but we know is available and is a vital part of the city. However, when visiting a “Street Scene” site for LA (or Hollywood) that is not apparent. What is apparent is that we do not see much of what happens in the “Street Scene.”

Perhaps we are not the audience for this (maybe visitors or tourists are the audience, we don’t know); however, the advertisements are in Los Angeles and we are in Los Angeles and want to see this site represent the city. More posts would be great, less billboards (with more posts on the respective site!) would be great, and sharing things no one knows about in the city would be great! We have I Am Los Angeles and Guest Of A Guest and LAist and etc., etc., etc.: we want to read Hollywood Style Scene–it just needs to correspond to us.

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