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We’ve Created A Map Of Ice Cube’s LA Spots To Celebrate Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980!

Take Ice Cube's Tour Of Los Angeles

If you haven’t seen Ice Cube’s now “viral” video of him celebrating the work of Charles and Ray Eames, you certainly have missed out and need to watch it ASAP (which we have linked right here). The video not only outs Cube as an architecture nerd (and, well, someone who actually has a legitimate standing in the field since he studied drafting) but it also outs him as a big fan of the Eames–and Los Angeles.

The video shows Cube driving around to many locations that are so Los Angeles but, in keeping with being soooo Los Angeles, are things you’ve never heard of. This has gotten us (and many others, including Los Angeles’ spokesperson Alissa Walker) curious about these locations–and how we can see them for ourselves. These places–with crazy names like The Cockatoo Inn and Brolly Hut–are somewhat alien and, because of that, exciting. Thus, we wanted to share everyone a listing of these locations, where you can get your Eames fixes, and a few other places along the way for you to take Ice Cube’s tour of Los Angeles!

View Take Ice Cube’s Tour Of Los Angeles in a larger map

For descriptions of each location, check out the Pacific Standard Time Blog!

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