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And Your Women Storytellers Are…

LAS Women

It’s that time of the month: L.A.S. is just around the corner! The next event is coming up on March 26 and we are super stoked to welcome our a fun group of storytellers. In honor of Women’s History Month, March’s event is going to feature Los Angeles stories about Women. From inspirational women to the experience of the Los Angeles woman, we wanted to celebrate with these tales. Who will be sharing stories? Find out after the jump!

This month is going to be a bit more intimate and cozy with a handful of participants. Those will include…

• Storyteller, improviser, writer, and UCLA Health Policy grad student Jill Donnelly
• Writer, photographer, and more Sandi Hemmerlein
• Writer and performer Cori Clark Nelson
• Comedian and member of WOMEN Allen Strickland Williams

Should be an excellent group! Make your reservations here and we hope to see you next Wednesday.

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