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Eat This Now: Plan Check’s Southern Fry

Plan Check Southern Fry

There is only one dish in Los Angeles that I crave. There is only one dish in Los Angeles that I think about daily, wishing that I could have it for dinner. There is only one dish in Los Angeles that has me culinarily hypnotized. There is only one dish in Los Angeles that defines what it means to make “new” comfort food.

This dish is Plan Check‘s Southern Fry. If you haven’t had it, you need to eat this now.

Simply, the Southern Fry is a fried chicken sandwich. Complexly, the Southern Fry is a fried Jidori chicken sandwich with duck breast ham and spicy pimento and pickles on a bun that has light cheese (We believe?) sprinkled atop of it. The sandwich is a fusion of classic fried chicken stylings—thick skin, succulent meat, savory underline—mashed with Eastern compliments thanks to the spicy green pimento and pickles, who feel like cousins to kimchi. The sandwich works—and keeps you coming back for it—because it plays with contrasting textures and flavors: the soft bun is overly soft to counter the lightly crunchy chicken; the sweetness of the cheese is balanced by the very salty ham; the pickles provide a spice and acid that the basic bread, chicken, and cheese balance out. It’s also fucking indulgent as hell—and it’s only eleven dollars.

We’ve spoken about Plan Check before but, upon repeated visits, this sandwich educates you on what it means to be a fried chicken sandwich in Los Angeles now. It’s an education in understated culinary wows. It is a necessary eat and it is a fun eat and it is an eat you will want to have again and again and again. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: eat Plan Check’s Southern Fry now.

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