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Unarchiving Francine Dressler

Francine Dressler Fashion Illustration Los Angeles 1

In the seventies, there was an artist and illustrator named Francine Dressler. She created her own style that consisted of blunt bobbed, bare breasted, red lipped women who have a decidedly bawdy, strong attitude. They have a candid, bold sensibility and were executed in a basic enough way that made her work easy to engage with. These somewhat comical works were created in Los Angeles and are now being described as “liberal and sassy” collectors items, which they absolutely are. To celebrate them, Dressler’s creations are being unarchived and used for an easily catchy line of clothing.

Francine Dressler Fashion Illustration Los Angeles 2

Francine Dressler Fashion Illustration Los Angeles 3

Thanks to her daughter Madelyn Somers of Tycoon Neckwear, the artist’s canon is having a bit of a moment. The idea came when an old Dressler print appeared in the Lena Dunham directed short for Rachel Antonoff, which was actually an Antonoff family heirloom. Some emailing happened, Antonoff used Dressler’s work for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and Somers has now gotten a few prints from her mother placed onto t-shirts and tanks. The main works featured are Three Woman Show, Summer In The City, and Incognito, all of which provide variations on the same fun feminist themes of individuality and power. The timing of the collection is obviously running parallel with Antonoff’s line but feels particularly special now given Women’s History Month and Los Angeles’ own gender bending equality causes. They’re also just really cool illustrations that lend themselves well to pins, shirts, and prints.

There are a few different options for grabbing the work which are all available online. No word yet on whether or not more collections will be coming out but we don’t doubt that the archive of work runs very deep. In any event, these are likely to repeat the pattern of being collectables as they are likely limited run, limited edition runs.

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