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The Digest: Eggslut

Restaurant Review: Eggslut

Not too long ago, we discovered a new food truck while at The Truck Stop: Egg Slut. It wasn’t even a decision to try the Koji or taco truck that were next to it, we gunned right toward the Slut because–really–with a name like that, we couldn’t not eat there.

Truth be told, it should have been a tough sell. Everyone is a fan of eggs, yes, but the idea of a place that only creates egg related entrees and sides was a little bit disgusting. It sounds heavy, slightly smelly, and like a place Arnold Schwarzenegger would have frequented before lifting in Pumping Iron: it’s not sold. The truck itself is without bells or whistles, barely a wraparound image or stickers to embellish it. There is no ice bed full of sodas for you to grab nor are there even utensils or napkins for you to swipe mid-egg catastrophe: everything is behind the truck counter.

In the truck was a twentysomething bespectacled fellow who takes orders while a hard at work cook seems to be doing a juggling act with many eggs in front of a stove top. We ordered one of each item that were on the menu for that evening: The Slut, Bacon Wrapped Eggs, Mac n Cheese, The B.E.L.T., and Egg Daddy. The selection ranged from hard boiled to poached to fried to any other way you could imagine an egg to be cooked. Again, it was overwhelming to behold an entire meal of two appetizers, two entrees, and a side all made from eggs.

Restaurant Review: Eggslut - The Slut

The first things tried were The Slut and Bacon Wrapped Eggs. The Slut was a curious item: arriving in a tiny mason jar, it is a coddled egg, potato puree, garnished with chives and grey salt. The Slut was a combination of the center of a poached egg and whipped mashed potatoes, compacted into a jar. This was surprisingly one of the lighter dishes and was reminiscent of butter, yolky potatoes. It was a very good combination, but I did not care that much for the grey salt which was overpowering at points.

Restaurant Review: Eggslut - Bacon Wrapped Eggs

The Bacon Wrapped Eggs were a surprise hit for me. They look like little gremlins or perhaps pods from which gremlins would burst from and seem very, very messy and like it could possibly drill a hole into your heart. But, like The Slut, these were surprisingly light. The eggs were boiled to the right balance between soft and truly hard and wrapped in bacon that was equally perfectly cooked. The Sriracha mayonnaise and chives really capped things off nicely with a subtle spice, but made quite a mess in the hand. This was definitely the hit of the appetizers. Warning: you should probably only eat one!

Restaurant Review: Eggslut - The B.E.L.T.

The entrees were both delightful in very different ways. The B.E.L.T. is an eggy take on a B.L.T., which basically means egg salad plus the typical sandwich trio. The triumph in this, like the Bacon Wrapped Eggs, is all to the mysterious chef: had the bacon and boiled eggs been cooked any more, the sandwich would have seemed stale and like something a grandmother unable to follow time would have prepared. It was also hard to contain the salad, which spurted out of any corner it could, but it was absolutely irresistible with the addition of very fresh tomato and whole grain mustard mixed into it all.

Restaurant Review: Eggslut - The Burger

The Egg Daddy sounds like the villain at the end of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episode but is a delightful little burger. Egg burgers sound like something to steer clear from as they seem like a lot to handle, but–like other items here–it was surprisingly light. The egg seemed to evaporate into the burger, which was perfectly cooked to a Medium (we forgot to give a temperature). The caramelized onions provide a nice flavor nudge, while the rest of the sandwich somewhat blends together in a breakfast, lunch, and dinner high five.

The Mac n Cheese that sat on the side was okay and was the only “low” point of the meal. It isn’t something you have to gnash your teeth over if they run out of it nor is it something you have to prioritize to get: it’s just macaroni and cheese with a hint of egg. The cheese was underwhelming, as it felt a little sad: a little Velveeta-ish, if you will. There didn’t seem to be a personality to it, kind of like the not cool girl who somehow hangs out in the group of exclusively cool girls: she probably is cool in her own right, but you don’t have to talk to her.

Egg Slut was a pleasant surprise and actually much lighter than anticipated. It also is a perfect food truck: it has a hook, it doesn’t spread itself too thin, and it is very tasty. Split some Bacon Wrapped Eggs, an Egg Daddy, and a B.E.L.T. with a friend and you’ll have a filling eggy meal. Even if you don’t get The Slut, you’ll still be an egg slut because–well–you just had three different things with egg in the title. Be sure to grab extra napkins, too: being an egg slut is messy.

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