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103 Ceramics By Harry Steinberg

Harry Steinberg 1-3 Ceramics 1

What will you be doing when you are a hundred years old? Many of us assume we will have moved on to the next life but it is very, very possible that we might all be alive and kicking. Then what? Do something fun! That’s what local ceramicist Harry Steinberg is doing: he’s 103 and making ceramics.

The artist has become a bit of a sensation in town because of his story and his folksy, adorable ceramic creations. His work is the subject of and currently on view at Good Luck Gallery and is appropriately titled 103 Ceramics. Why that title? While an obvious allusion to age, they cleverly are showing 103 of the artist’s creations.

Harry Steinberg 1-3 Ceramics 2

The elder Angeleno will easily remind if fellow elder local ceramic sensation Magdalena Suarez Frimkess. Steinberg’s work is a little more rough around the edges and has a distinct bright palette that he paints onto creations pulled from daily life. He creates totemic people and lots of adorable puppies. There are glazed mini-frescoes and a great deal of humor and joy to the work. His ceramics come after an entirely other lifetime of working: he was an ear, nose, and throat specialist and fought in World War II. His wife took up the craft on the weekend and he pursued it in his retirement. The hard work obviously paid off.

The show comes at an interesting time in art, where more and more older or deceased artists are being discovered and praised. It represents all of our creative hopes and want to express ourselves despite not being able to for whatever reason. It’s inspiring! And why people like Vivian Maier and Channa Horwitz have become so popular. The work is on view now and will continue through April 12.

Harry Steinberg 1-3 Ceramics 5

Harry Steinberg 1-3 Ceramics 4

Harry Steinberg 1-3 Ceramics 3

Harry Steinberg 1-3 Ceramics 6

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