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And Your Photo Storytellers Are…


It’s that time of the month: time for a new L.A.S.! For April, we’re teaming up with the American Society Of Medica Photographers and Month Of Photography Los Angeles to share a stories about Los Angeles and photos. Our lineup includes only photographers, most of which you are probably familiar with. Find out who is participating after the jump!

So! Our storytellers are…

• Local people, place, and food photographer Misha Gravenor;
• All around cool guy, video maker, and photographer Jimmy Marble;
• Photojournalist and photographer Doug Menuez;
• Funny gal and fine art photographer Michelle Alexis Newman;
• Well travelled portrait photographer Eric Schwabel;
• Recent Los Angeles transplant and fine art and portrait photographer Naomi White

Great line-up, right? We’re totally jazzed for it. It’s going to be a ton of fun! Remember, the show is happening April 24 at Bar Covell and you can make your reservations here. See you all then!

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