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Runway Magazine Holiday Party Mashes Up Fashion and Technology

Runway Magazine Holiday Party

The first time riding the elevator to the rooftop at Drai’s in West Hollywood makes an impression on even the most cynical soul. There are only two buttons on the massive, red-lit elevator car, one to 12 and the other back down to 1.

Regardless of feeling ever so slightly like the proverbial fish out of water, I was genuinely interested to see what Something Creative’s Jacqueline Saladino put together for Runway Magazine’s holiday party, on December 15th.

The idea that Something Creative, Keith Wilson, and Brian Ziff pitched to Runway Magazine was projecting images onto models for a live editorial.  It was to be something voyeuristic, something unavoidably beautiful yet, technologically novel.

This, was what hooked me.

Runway Magazine Holiday Party

I only asked myself twice –ok, three times tops– what I was doing at a Runway Magazine holiday party.  I was literally the first person to walk through the red carpet (not everyone in Los Angeles is eternally tardy).

Also in attendance, amid the usual WeHo rank and file of the perpetually well-dressed, were Mike Massee & Nadir Bagaveyev from XCOR Aerospace, ventured down from Mojave.  I also spotted Hollywood photography fixture Jack Fleming roaming the Drai’s rooftop, camera at his side.

My experience dipping a toe into the fashion world was one of the learning variety.

Runway Magazine Holiday Party

Early in the festivities, I watched as Jacque commanded a small phalanx of interns, dispatched to placate three attendees who could not get past security, but whose feelings she didn’t want hurt.  Gift bags (evidently the answer to all fashionable problems) were sent, as were inquiries as to what shoe size the offended guests wore. Women’s shoes were provided by All Black, men’s by Bucketfeet.

Fire extinguished, evidently.

These gift bags are no laughing matter (though I did fight back a chuckle at the mental comparison to consolation prizes for game show contestants). These amazing parcels of wonder include Soapbox bags and iPad cases, Rosebud Perfume Company lipgloss, OPI nail polish, snacks from Aurelie the Cookie Guru, insidetheorange t-shirts, and still more shoes from All Black and Bucketfeet.

Let the record reflect that this writer did not receive a bag, nor was he at any time offered one.

Runway Magazine Holiday Party

As the above photo depicts, the idea of a live editorial concept went over quite well. Images fired by in rapid succession and added a unique layer of complexity to the predictably beautiful models and clothing.  The featured designers modeling clothes included Blaque Label, Jessica Barkley, OharaOuroboros Designs, Mystree, LisaMichelle Collection, and Mahtab Azim.

Amid the visual fracas, I managed to chat with Jacque about the night’s proceedings.  “I’m very happy with the turnout, the models were so expressive and theatrical, it was like a play,” she said, “All the collaborative bits of creativity made the show.”

Two days later, flipping through the event’s photos online, I confirmed that, yes, I was indeed the first person through the red carpet, goobery grin and all.

Strikingly absent from even one red carpet shot was Jacque.  Evidently a successful event in fashion PR does not allow time to stop and smile.

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