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A Very Pacific Standard Time Gift Guide


It’s crunch time, guys. Not for finals (those are nearly over), but for holiday shopping. Many of us (ahem, *me*) have not done anything for holiday shopping and are now scrambling to get items for relatives and friends to spread love, giving, and cheer. And, with the final weekend before Christmas coming up, we thought we’d share some gift ideas for people in your family and friend group. Take note, friends, as we give you some art enriched gifts to give!

For Your Teenage Relative Who Is An Aspiring Artist: A John Baldessari Eraser And Magnet
We all have this person in our family: the young artist. Whether he or she is five or twenty five, the wisdom of John Baldessari is indispensable. Thus, gift them the Wrong Eraser for when they mess up, the Tips For Artists magnet for inspiration, and the link to the Pacific Standard Time John Baldessari/Jason Schwartzman video for wit.

A Very Pacific Standard Time Gift Guide

For Your “Crafty” Mom: Moye Thompson’s Ceramics
To both celebrate both Golden State of Craft and your mother’s crafty nature, why not get her one or two cool ceramics created by Santa Monica’s Moye Thompson? Her work is really great and–who knows?–maybe it will inspire mom to kick up her craft game.

For Your Almost-Maria-von-Trapp Friend: László’s Pajamas
Celebrating California Design, LACMA is selling these Paul László patterned pajamas. Now, they’re pretty cool but can be seen as a little silly since–well–the design wasn’t intended for wear. However, we all know a person who has said they wish their bedsheets or curtains or couch fabric were actually made into a dress or shirt because they’d wear it. Thus, this gift is for them! (Wait: we all have friends like that, right? Right?!)

A Very Pacific Standard Time Gift Guide

For The Child Who Needs Artistic Influence: Art Kit: Bold Patterns Constructibles
Everyone has a little kid they need to buy a gift for. Instead of scouring online to find some cool television show related toy, get them something that will incite creativity and also get them excited about playing. That, dearies, is the Bold Patterns Constructibles Art Kit, which are like flat, colorful legos.

For the Farmer’s Market Lover or Art Teacher You Know: A Millworks or Proof Tote
These two little totes are perfect for that person you know who always brings their bags to supermarkets and has their finger on the green pulse. These two look cool and are very durable and, if they’re a local person, give them the Proof bag, take them to the show, and then attend a Pasadena Farmers Market!

A Very Pacific Standard Time Gift Guide

For Those People Going On A Tropical Vacation And You Are Jealous Of Them: Ed Ruscha Beach Towel
Ugh. There is always that one person who gets to go on a tropical holiday and you get to stay in town or be banished to the frigidity of winter out-of-town. Instead of being bitter with them, make them look as fabulous as can be and gift them an Ed Ruscha towel with a note that says, “Come back to Los Angeles soon!”

For more gift ideas (and notes on how you can get discounts on them!!), check out the Pacific Standard Time Blog!

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