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Made In L.A., 2014: Magdalena Suarez Frimkess & Michael Frimkess, 6.35

MADE IN LA 2014 Los Angeles Hammer Magdalena Suarez Frimkess Michael Frimkess 1

Made In L.A. is returning to the Hammer on June 15 and will showcase thirty five emerging and/or under-recognized Los Angeles artists. The show will offer a Public Recognition Award of $25K to an artist that YOU vote on. In order to help you make an educated vote this Summer and get a better sense of all the artists, we’re counting down to Made In L.A. by sharing mini-profiles of each artist.

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess and Michael Frimkess are Venice based ceramicists in their seventies who have become folk art masters.


What does this artist make? The Frimkesses are local legends in ceramics who obviously late in their career are getting attention for their unique style and communal work that reflects popular culture and personal interest. Both artists are from Venice (Magdalena originally from South America) have a unique relationship of Michael creating the forms and Magdalena providing often very intricate paintings on them, like modern cave paintings (in that they are reflections of daily life). Magdalena eventually threw and sculpted herself, straying from traditional vessels and focusing on anthropomorphic and imitated forms atypical of ceramics. As was explained in the Made In L.A. skinny and as we’ve noticed in our search, Magdalena is certainly having a moment and is becoming an art sensation. She just was featured in White Columns and covered in the New York Times: her (Well, their.) story is quite beloved. Thankfully, locals South Willard championed them.

What makes this artist very L.A.? The Frimkess’ work is incredibly Angeleno. Not only is it reflective of popular culture but they reflect cultures that Los Angeles originated and popularized. Their work is very laissez faire and very anti-institution, which also is at the heart of Los Angeles: this city is the antithesis of confined ideas and agendas.

MADE IN LA 2014 Los Angeles Hammer Magdalena Suarez Frimkess Michael Frimkess 3

What might this artist bring to Made In L.A.? Obviously ceramics. Since it is both of them, you can guess it will be more properly thrown works by Michael painted by Magdalena. Don’t be surprised if the works are a survey of their entire career mixed with a few new ones: the addition of the Frimkess couple is obviously catering to the Career Achievement Award—and they are probably going to win it.

Who from the past Made In L.A. will this artist remind you of? Obviously Ruby Neri‘s folksy, wild anti-but-really-sculptures and fellow seasoned, under served artist Channa Horwitz (Rest in peace!!!). That said, they are a unique combination. They are unrivaled, special artists.

MADE IN LA 2014 Los Angeles Hammer Magdalena Suarez Frimkess Michael Frimkess 4

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