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Made In L.A., 2014: Gerard & Kelly, 8.35

MADE IN LA 2014 Gerard And Kelly Hammer Los Angeles 1

Made In L.A. is returning to the Hammer on June 15 and will showcase thirty five emerging and/or under-recognized Los Angeles artists. The show will offer a Public Recognition Award of $25K to an artist that YOU vote on. In order to help you make an educated vote this Summer and get a better sense of all the artists, we’re counting down to Made In L.A. by sharing mini-profiles of each artist.

Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly—Gerard & Kelly—are performers and installation artists who use their art to address memory and sexuality.

What does this artist make? The work of Gerard & Kelly uses dance as a symbol for sexuality. Their work often addresses or analyzes how people express intimacy and love. The biggest examples of this are Tino Sehgal’s Kiss deconstructing works like Kiss Solo and Reusable Parts/Endless Love in which performers express directions on “how to kiss,” sexual guidance, and then perform them on the self or with another person. The result is an abstract, personal work that is a bit like self-Twister that is placed in an environment where these expressions are to be examined and understood by people via installation. Similar projects include heterosexual studying military-meets-Madonna focused Ideological Formation and Mono, in which private conversations are respoken to strangers.

What makes this artist very L.A.? You know what? Not a lot. The two appear to be New Yorkers until very recently, up until attending UCLA’s graduate program which they completed last year. Examining their work, there appears to be more New York appearances until the West coast shift while most of the documentation is of New York happenings, ranging from The Whitney to The Armory. Their being “Angeleno” is circumstantial.

MADE IN LA 2014 Gerard And Kelly Hammer Los Angeles 2

What might this artist bring to Made In L.A.? Likely a remounting of Reusable Parts/Endless Love, if we recall correctly from The Skinny. This means there will be an installation that will be activated via dance and spoken word, something that will continually be happening as “the performance never ends.”

Who from the past Made In L.A. will this artist remind you of? Obviously Zac Monday and Simone Forti will be seen in this, as their work is namely performative. Their subjects are all very different, though.

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