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Made In L.A., 2014: Samara Golden, 9.35

MADE IN LA 2014 Samara Golden Los Angeles Hammer 1

Made In L.A. is returning to the Hammer on June 15 and will showcase thirty five emerging and/or under-recognized Los Angeles artists. The show will offer a Public Recognition Award of $25K to an artist that YOU vote on. In order to help you make an educated vote this Summer and get a better sense of all the artists, we’re counting down to Made In L.A. by sharing mini-profiles of each artist.

Samara Golden is a multimedia video and installation artist who uses technological and pop cultural ephemera to create work that exist in their own spectacular worlds.

MADE IN LA 2014 Samara Golden Los Angeles Hammer 2

What does this artist make? Golden makes immersive, arresting installations. She creates new worlds from items that contemporary society has cast off as ruins, carting away to thrift stores and junkyards. Golden appropriates them as still characters in her vignettes that are as reflective of her own life as they are all of America’s. She is concerned with “reversing the spectacle,” using big work to draw attention to modern human nature. She frequently collides many forms of media from video to sculpture to painting and more. Her works are typically interactive in the sense that they draw you in to act as a character in her often dystopian eighties and nineties retro-future plays.

What makes this artist very L.A.? Golden feels both very LA and not at all LA. Her work defies time and space (literally) but her inventiveness and undeniable coolness makes her very undoubtedly Angeleno. Moreover, she’s a beloved local art celebrity. It’s kind of a surprise she’s in Made In L.A.: she’s so accomplished!

MADE IN LA 2014 Samara Golden Los Angeles Hammer 3

What might this artist bring to Made In L.A.? Definitely a room sized installation. She likely will be creating a new body of work specific to this show but you can bet that it will include many moving parts, an immersive experience of found and re-sourced objects from televisions to furniture to toys.

Who from the past Made In L.A. will this artist remind you of? Artists Koki Tanaka, David Snyder, and Cayetano Ferrer all made immersive, captivating installation works that Golden will likely run parallel with.

MADE IN LA 2014 Samara Golden Los Angeles Hammer 4

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