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Made In L.A., 2014: Marcia Hafif, 12.35

MADE IN LA 2014 Marcia Hafif Los Angeles Hammer 1

Made In L.A. is returning to the Hammer on June 15 and will showcase thirty five emerging and/or under-recognized Los Angeles artists. The show will offer a Public Recognition Award of $25K to an artist that YOU vote on. In order to help you make an educated vote this Summer and get a better sense of all the artists, we’re counting down to Made In L.A. by sharing mini-profiles of each artist.

Marcia Hafif is an octogenarian artist focused on gradation and studying the pigments and composition of painting.

MADE IN LA 2014 Marcia Hafif Los Angeles Hammer 2

What does this artist make? Hafif is like a scientific designer. Her work is focused on studying color and actively experimenting with color, texture, substances, and technique. This manifests itself in a few ways but mostly in geometrically arranged groups of canvases that are presented in a line or rectangular grid. They are concerned with breaking down color, studying how gray is formed and distilling the ocean down to a singular colors and even creating glowing “true” colors. Her paintings can occasionally be texture studies, juxtapositions of past and present technique, or are concerned with testing out different media. Again: her approach to art is like that of a scientist hoping to break down a form or a designer scrolling through a Photoshop palette.

What makes this artist very L.A.? Hafif often “interprets” local scenes like the aforementioned ocean. That’s really it. She’s from Pomona and is a lifetime Angeleno?

MADE IN LA 2014 Marcia Hafif Los Angeles Hammer 4

What might this artist bring to Made In L.A.? Definitely a color study—or a study of something. It would be wise if one of her more striking, gradation works were on display. I mean, we also want to see that in person too.

Who from the past Made In L.A. will this artist remind you of? It almost goes without saying but Channa Horwitz. Similarly, Morgan Fisher.

MADE IN LA 2014 Marcia Hafif Los Angeles Hammer 3

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