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Rodarte’s Fra Angelico At LACMA

Rodarte's Fra Angelico At LACMA

Rodarte and the Los Angeles art scene have been coiled around each other quite tightly this year. They started the year hot off of the buzz from Black Swan, into MOCA’s States of Matter (which we are still furious we missed), and–now–Fra Angelico at LACMA. The show opened this past weekend and showcase the Mulleavy sister’s Spring/Summer 2012 couture collection which are inspired by early Italian Renaissance artist Fra Angelico (hence the title of the show).

The show is coming from Florence, where it was shown at Pitti Immagine. At LACMA, they are housed in the Ahmanson Building, surrounded by Renaissance artwork. Placing the gowns and the paintings together is a logical pairing and ties the two together, sewing the bright pastels, booming gold embellishments, and earthy hints into each other. Yes, modern couture gowns and Renaissance paintings are at the total opposite end of the artistic spectrum; however, it’s fun to think of a painting like Angelico’s The Day Of Judgement featuring women in these gowns. It make sense, but it makes no sense: that’s the joy of it.

Rodarte's Fra Angelico At LACMA

The dresses shared were gifted from the fashion label to LACMA’s Costume and Textile Department. The collection shared is on view through the top of February and will feature a talk with the Mulleavy’s and LACMA CEO in conversation on January 18.

Below, a look at the gowns that are in the collection. We rarely, like, share a bunch of press photos we get from an institution; however, the photos and the pieces are just so insane that you have to look at them–all of them!!–and drool. This show is definitely a must and should be on your to-do list for an in-town holiday break activity.

Photos © 2011 Museum Associates/LACMA.

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