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National Fried Chicken Day

Fried Chicken Day MB Post

National Fried Chicken Day is July 6. There’s some cool happenings going on: catch them below!

M.B. Post’s Honey Truffle Fried Chicken- Brunch has never seen happier days, thanks to Chef David LeFevre’s take on fried chicken. His, laced with honey and truffle, gives diners the perfect balance between sweet and savory. Available for weekend brunch only, Sat.-Sun. 10:00am- 1:30pm.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar’s Three Country Chickens & Biscuit- Channeling the deep South with this new menu addition, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar unleashes a heavenly plate layered with perfectly fried chicken pieces, homemade chicken sausage, two sunny side up eggs, and housemade buttermilk biscuits, all slathered in Cajun gravy and spiced maple syrup.

• With National Fried Chicken Day (Sunday, July 6) around the corner, what are your thoughts on highlighting Executive Chef Ernesto Uchimura’s (formerly the founding chef of Umami Burger) award-winning Smokey Fried Chicken and Southern Fry from L.A.’s award-winning American comfort food eatery, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar? Or, alternatively, a roundup of some of the nation’s best fried chicken dishes in honor of the day? Served at both the Sawtelle and Fairfax locations (and coming soon to Downtown LA in July 2014!), Chef Uchimura’s elevated takes on the Southern dish include: Smokey Fried Chicken ($13) with Jidori chicken, smoked milk gravy, yam preserves, and spicy pickled okra; Southern Fry ($11) with smoky fried Jidori chicken, spicy green pimento cheese, duck breast ham, and pickles.

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