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L.A. Club Resource Releases Delivery’s B.A.H.G.T.F.O.

Delivery' B.A.H.G.T.F.O. LA Club Resource

Delroy Edwards is one of the most badass young producers working in Los Angeles. His L.A. Club Resource label has been one we’ve been keeping tabs on for some time and they’ve finally released their debut. The song is a winding ten minute Delivery song called “B.A.H.G.T.F.O.” that feels late night club ready, when you’re a little too fucked up on something to really concentrate on anything but the music.

The song is a gloomy, acidic almost eleven minutes and an absolutely bold debut for the label. It sets a tone that is dark and sophisticated, one that proves the name of the label: Los Angeles has become a resource for club music, most definitely. People like Delivery (Real name: Greg Shin) and Delroy aren’t fucking around with their ability to make baller, legitimate dance music. We know that Delroy doesn’t put up with bullshit and his confidence is certainly presence in everything he’s involved with. Throwing “B.A.H.G.T.F.O.” first is a great example of this.

The song is available for purchase on Gene’s Liquor for twelve dollars. It’s Delivery’s long awaited debut, too. Listen to “B.A.H.G.T.F.O.” below.

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