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Jessica Williams’ Lifestyle Paintings

Jessica Williams Art Los Angeles 3

I’m not quite sure how I came across the work of Jessica Williams—but I’m very glad I did. She is a native Angeleno and local who paints in a way that is very specific and lifestyle oriented while being absolutely abstract: her work takes scenes from the every day and turns them into jewel toned atmospheres. There is an alchemic quality to the work.

Jessica Williams Art Los Angeles 1

Williams paints with oil and usually focuses on three things: the individual, singular woman, pairs of women (specifically related women, nodding to the idea of Geminis), and still lives done in her style. She smears colors together and blends together both her subjects and environments, often casting them in unrealistic shades that a reaction to scenic lighting. What’s so exciting about her style is that she can bend toward any style. Some paintings are more realistic while others seem like non-objective color studies. In a few, non-humanoid objects appear to be people while landscapes appear to be awash in a singular sensation.

Her work is all from a specific point of view. The painting The Familiar Window from last year alludes to this, showing a view that the artist has likely seen time and time again, so often that the painting is a regurgitation of memory. These scenes and lifestyle paintings of her feel similar and certainly relate to what she sees and feels and experiences in life. It’s a beautiful life, too.

Jessica Williams Art Los Angeles 2

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