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Year In Review: 2011 In Food


It’s that time of the week: food day! As we’ve been reviewing all things food, we now have our picks of food related things for the year. This was really, really tough as we are huge fans of food and dining out in general; yet, we were able to create a shortlist of our favorite 2K11 food things. Here they are (again, in no particular order)!

Fundamental: A Hidden Culinary Gem

Fundamental Los Angeles
Contributor Danielle turned us on to this place and, boy, is it amazing. She (and we) loves the place so much that she spoke with the owners there and arranged for a mini-interview of sorts, where we went and shot their space and shared their story. If you are in Westwood and have a rumbly tumbly tummy, go here. No excuses: go to Fundamental!

We went to Picca many, many, many times this year because it’s just soooo damned good. There is just so much to like: wonderful ceviches, fantastic skewered meats, insane empanadas, and much, much more (even sushi!!). It’s like a Peruvian food wonderland. This place ties with our favorite new place of 2011. The other place? Well…

Son Of A Gun
Ugh. Son Of A Gun is so fantastic it’s stupid. Like, you want to never eat another meal after one here because nothing else will be as great. This place highlights the rising seafood trend (THANK GOD), serving up the city’s best oysters, shrimp toasts, lobster rolls, mahi mahi dip, and other treats. Cheat on Hungry Cat for a night and get yourself to Son Of A Gun, if you have not been already. (Note On A Non-Seafood Dish: the chicken sandwich is to die for.)

Thoughts On The Los Angeles Food Awards
Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential Los Angeles restaurants was an imperative read for any food fan in this city. It also brought attention to the fact that food culture here is about to explode out of control very, very soon. Even though he tries to be all like “Bleeeeerg: LA food is still just okay! BLERRRRRG,” we heavily disagree. Hence, our thoughts on the city’s food awards, a call to action for foodies to take this new culture seriously.

The Best Of The LA Auto Show: Nissan Food Trucks

The Nissan Food Trucks
This was not really an event or even really super Los Angeles; however, it was so impressive that we still talk about it to friends: the Nissan Food Trucks at the Los Angeles Auto Show. They were so great because they gathered two of the city’s best trucks–the Grilled Cheese Truck and Coolhaus–to serve up treats at the show, effectively demanding you to bow down to their keen taste in LA food trucks. We have no idea if these trucks will be roaming the streets anytime soon, but we would not be surprised if they pop up in the new year.

We mentioned this yesterday. Yeah, so what? You have a problem with that? It’s great and it’s cheap. Their “classic” sandwiches are the less expensive, not-quite-as-good version of the aforementioned Son Of A Gun chicken sandwich. That’s the highest compliment a chicken sandwich can get!

L.A. Bite
This has been around more than just this year; however, this was the year we actually visited their website and used the service. We’ve fallen in love: all your favorite comfort restaurants are at your fingertips. You can order for large groups (which we believe is what the service is intended for) or for you and a friend who are too entrenched in work to go to Simplethings for a sandwich. We love L.A. Bite!

The Standard Biergarten
Finally: biergartens in Los Angeles! In addition to Wirsthaus on La Brea, The Standard Biergarten opened after what seemed like forever. It may be a little too nippy to hang out there on evenings this Winter–Spring, though? We may just be taking a residency there, living off of German beers and bratwursts.

We’re looking forward to what 2012 has in food and we know that we definitely will be pleased with all new developments. Los Angeles’ food culture and quality is on the rise–and we cannot wait to see where it goes.

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