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Year In Review: Our Favorite Posts Of 2011


We’ve come a long way this year, everyone. We’ve seen a lot of art shows, have experienced a lot of things, ate a lot of food, and–at ten days away from 2012–it’s time for us to look back on all that we’ve shared. Broken down by topic, here are our favorite posts for 2011 for you to check out and inspire you to have the best 2012.

Roger Gastman Featured Interview

Our Favorite Featured Interviews
Picking our favorite Featured Interview for this year is like having to pick which child you love the most. It’s an impossible task! So, we don’t have a “favorite” over all; however, there are some that we enjoyed a lot because they differed from the rest of the interviews. For example, Travis Millard and Mel Kadel’s captured their super rad Echo Park space and–in some ways–had a conversation with each other. Tim Biskup had an excellent story to tell and great space to see, which landed him as the first Featured Interview we shared our first day. Alissa Walker’s interview was super great because she is sooooo in love with Los Angeles–and we love it and are so inspired by her passion for the city. Lastly, Roger Gastman’s Halloween-ish post was great because we got to share something no one else has every shared from him: his serial killer art collection.

A Treasure On The Northwest Corner of Hollywood and Wilton

Our Favorite Architecture Posts
There was a lot to talk about in terms of architecture in Los Angeles this year. The thing that fascinated us the most–and what fascinates us the most about this city–are all the beautiful, vacant, please-God-don’t-tear-them-down buildings that are all over the place. We highlighted two–5701 Hollywood Blvd and 6777 Hollywood Blvd–in effort to bring awareness to these beauties that are being forgotten. If you are reading deep pocketed entrepreneurs, please take these places under your wing and make them shine again!

Bar Covell & Mohawk Bend & Gitman Bros.

Our Favorite Fashion, Food, and Drink Posts
This was a really, really, really hard thing to pick as well as we love food and drinks and don’t want to have to just say “this place” or “this thing is the best!!” Yet, we LOVED the interview Mohawk General’s Kevin Carney did with the boys of Bar Covell (all decked out in Gitman Bros.) along with the thoughts on the LA Food Awards, where we hoped to inspire readers to take food in Los Angeles seriously.

Year In Review: Our Favorite Posts

Our Favorite Pacific Standard Time Post
We’ve done tons (T O N S) of Pacific Standard Time posts, to get you guys excited about this LA art happening. One, though, was an easy favorite for us: Ice Cube’s tour of Los Angeles. This was a lot of work to make; yet, the payoff was brilliant. We hope you take his tour!

A Northern Californian’s Guide to Falling in Love with LA

Our Favorite Lists
We don’t do lists that often, but they have their place on the site, naturally. For you solo eaters, there is the popular Dining Solo In LA guide and, for you Northern Californians, we have a guide for falling in love with our fair city. We (well, I) would be remiss if I didn’t share my favorite piece for our pet friends, which is Ms. Dottie’s thoughts on the best patios to dine at in the city. Lastly, we hope you use this list of Southern California inspired holiday drinks this end-of-year-Festivus time!

Our Favorite Secrets
Sharing secrets and “insider” information about the city is one of the most exciting things to post about on Los Angeles, I’m Yours. We love doing it in two ways: Unseen LA posts, where local tastemakers share insider tips, and LA Secrets, where we share something you may not have heard about. Our favorite Unseen LA has to be the first, where Will Etling told us about a secret airstream–err–scamp in a tree somewhere in Los Angeles (we hear it’s in Echo Park…). Our favorite secret to share though was a little piece we did on It’s A Wrap in Burbank, a thrift store where you can literally grab thousands of dollars of designer clothes for mere pennies.

That’s all, folks! We’ve had a wonderful, busy year and we know you have as well. With that, we close the door on posting for 2K11 and we will see you bright and early in 2K12 (unless the world ends). Have a great–and safe–holiday, everyone!

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