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Go Get Fucked Up And Watch Fucked Up

Fucked Up LOS ANGELES El Rey

You guys: the Summer is almost over. How sad! What a bummer! We didn’t think the day would come but we’re nearing the end of our Goldenvoice giveaways. We’re not there yet, though: we have a few more options for you to see some music in town before the heat wears off. The next event we have tickets for is punk/hardcore act Fucked Up, who are taking the El Rey on August 21. I know some of you punk lovers are out there: this show is for you.

Same deal as always: Tweet at us, comment on this post, or email submit@laimyours.com with the subject “FUCKED UP” if you’d like to enter the contest. In your message, tell us why you want to attend the show. That is it. You have to do so little for a big payoff. As always, responses will have little bearing on the drawing but you can totally write a long note or little note if you want: up to you. Get your entries in by August 19 at noon!

You have a little less than a week to enter: get ready to get fucked up at Fucked Up, you guys!

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