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The Recap: What’s Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 8.15 – 8.17

The Recap: What's Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 8.15 - 8.17

Sheesh: it’s been a week. And, sheesh, hopefully it’ll be a weekend too. Wait: it is! CHECK THE RECAP!!

Friday, August 15
• It’s the first day of Ferragosto at Cecconi’s!
• my 1st irl art show is up, starting today.
• Echo Park Rising starts today!
• There is another Grand Performance Downtown.
• There’s another Social Derby today.
• Last chance to check out the Figue pop-up on Abbot Kinney.
• There is an American Contemporary Ballet performance tonight.

Saturday, August 16
• Catch some performances at Materials & Appliances.
• Checkout Kickball For A Home. What a great cause!
• Leon Vyenhall takes The Standard. He rules!
• Go do community beadwork at The Autry.
• More Cinemax outdoor movie screenings!
• It’s the first day of Ferragosto at Cecconi’s!
• Brandon Boyd is signing his book at Hennesey & Ingalls.
• Learn about Summer Desserts at Cafe Gratitude.
• Thanks to the the African American Museum Of Art and the Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center The Visionary Art of J.B. Murray.
• It’s the Pacific Festival at The Dunes, people.
• Radio Slave takes Avalon.
• The Manhattan Beach Home & Garden Tour is today!
• Echo Park Rising starts today!
• Walk to Dodger Stadium!
• Bye, double show & at Roberts & Tilton.
• Bye, Matthew Marks group show!
• Bye, big Francois Ghebaly show.
• Bye, group show The White Album at Richard Telles.
• Bye, Scott McFarland and Manfred Pernice at Regen Projects.
• Bye, big Maloney group show!
• Bye, FYA’s Thanks For The Mammaries.
• Bye, Ideal Territory at Cirrus!
• Bye, Mak’s Edge Project!

Sunday, August 17
• Catch more Grand Performances.
• Last day of Echo Park Rising!
• There’s a Voices Of LA event.
• Check out comedy show Sun Club.
• There’s another American Contemporary Company show.
• Enjoy a Sunday supper at Rivabella.
• Last day of the Manhattan Beach Home & Garden thing.
• It’s the last day of Ferragosto at Cecconi’s.
• Bye, Hohokum art show at iam8bit!

Monday, August 18
• Last chance to help Gary Baseman’s Kickstarter campaign!

Tuesday, August 19
• Last chance to enter our FUCKED UP ticket giveaway!

Wednesday, August 20
• Time for another Culver City Happy Hour.
• Bye, Good Karma out in Downey.

Thursday, August 21
• The LA Food & Wine Festival begins.
• It’s the final Don’t Knock The Rock movie screening at Cinefamily.
• One of the last Skirball Summer Concerts is happening.
• Checkout this Voices Of LA event.
• There’s another Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert today.
• Last chance to get Smoked Out at Short Order.
• Fucked Up is in town!
• There is a comedy show at Hollywood Forever called Comedy Is Dead.

Friday, August 22
• Joanna Gruesome and friends take The Smell.
• Wanderers are at Los Globos.
• More LA Food & Wine Festival!
• Work Horse is happening at Otherwild.
• How To Dress Well is doing a show.
• Bye, Clear at Gagosian.

Selected Ongoing Items
• This Petra Cotright video is cool.
• How rad are these works by Masood Kamandy?
• The local #EverySimpsonsEver campaign is great.
• We like Jimmy Marble’s Best Bush!
• We L O V E Zinque.
• Celebrate National Sandwich Month!
• Speaking of, you should eat this very LA sandwich.
• Michael Jang’s CalArts photos are really wonderful.
• Please read this story about Ben Medansky’s dog.
• We’re very much digging these necklaces by Myers Collection.
• Metro PCS has a cool little show up now.
• These Paper Cuts stationary are nice (and local!).
• Oh my: these illustrated dogs are fabulous.
• Gagosian has a show about the California Light and Space movement.
• Love this Maison Louis Marie candle.
Made In L.A. 2014 was super great.
Go see Jesse Tise’s Grid World at Maker City L.A.!
• Draw on this!
• Buy this!
• Visit this!
Get drinks from this!

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