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Youth Code’s “Consuming Guilt”

Youth Code Consuming Guilt Los Angeles

I know many of you guys can’t fit your ears around Youth Code, which I learned when excitedly glowing over their debut LP. They make electronic industrial productions that local duo Ryan William George or Sara Taylor literally scream over: it is not for everyone. I get that. Since we’re having a bit of a goth Monday, it only felt appropriate to share a new song from them called “Consuming Guilt.” Yes, it’s loud—but it’s good, if you can move beyond the surface of the sound.

The song is the lead single from their upcoming EP A Place To Stand and is a cleaner, sharper production than their debut. The song retains the Terminator 2 darkness which it folds over a quick clangs and pipe bashing tings. The basis of the song is a coursing series of synthetics that Ryan yells the song’s lyrics into.

For newcomers, “Consuming Guilt” is abrasive. For seasoned listeners (or adventurous folk), you’ll find a refined, almost delicate approach to their sound here. The production is much slicker and the play between the Tron-like verses and the hyper industrial chorus is fun too. If you dig acts like Cold Cave and Trust, you’ll be able to get into this. It also should not be surprising that they toured with Skinny Puppy for a while, too: they couldn’t have been paired better with a veteran act. Catch “Consuming Guilt” below.

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