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Lindsay Preston Zappas’s Collage World

Lindsay Preston Zappas Los Angeles 1

When I think of Los Angeles artists, I think of fun. We don’t often think about this but, in taking a step back, we all like having fun. Our environment is so upbeat and we can go to our own “la la” land type of place: LA is about having fun—and artists agree, reflecting this positivity into their work. I’m not sure if this is true but I definitely see it in all of Lindsay Preston Zappas‘ creations. She creates colorful photographic and drawings and sculpture that capture a beautiful collage of life that certainly feels unique to our part of the world.

Her project The Best Of Everything was the first thing that drew me to her. The piece is a collaboration with artist and performer Mores McWreath that sees a hyper-patterned small space exploding with life thanks to a crowd of hyperactive individuals, perhaps in too close of quarters. The result is energetic instead of claustrophobic, an explosion of activity that appears to indeed be the best of everything.

Lindsay Preston Zappas Los Angeles 3

Other works occupy a similar space: her drawings are busy and multi-tiered yet communicating in the same language; Fish & Snake follows similarly, injecting the human form into way appears to be an artistic take on the visuals associated with the game Chutes & Ladders; Lake Effect extracts photographs with screen printing patterns, recalling that of Kate Costello‘s Kiki & Me muses; and Fresh Hot Dogs sees it all come to life at Machine Projects back in June.

While many artists embody contemporary Los Angeles, Lindsay’s work feels the most alive and present. She fills her work with so many moving parts—literally and figuratively—that you too want to dive into the pieces too. She has created a lot of work of interest: definitely dive into them here.

Lindsay Preston Zappas Los Angeles 2

Lindsay Preston Zappas Los Angeles 4

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