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Peaking Lights’ Breakdown

Peaking Lights Breakthrough Los Angeles

If you still have the idea of an all too gentle and ethereal sound for the band Peaking Lights, you should maybe drop it. The days of lightweight Lucifer from two years ago, when the band was relatively new to the area, are gone. How? Their new song “Breakdown” is an aggressively fun assertion into the dance category. It’s sunny and bright and a song that everyone is going to love in late Summer.

The song is the first release from their new album Cosmic Logic and is about releasing the self from mental baggage, to break you free from “breaking down.” It’s a very intellectually lightweight song and—like the palm tree in the sunset of the cover art suggests—is very Los Angeles. The song is a pairing of a heavy synth inspired by reggae but absolutely is not reggae. Pattering, light synths eventually tip toe over it as Indra Dunis sing speaks the lyrics. It’s certainly a great amount a fun.

You’ll find the song to be somewhat reminiscent of “Happy House” era Juan Maclean and the lighter sounds of The Crystal Ark. Give the song a spin over on Soundcloud and be on the lookout for the new record on October 7.

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