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Sister Mantos’ Trippy Last Night Remix

Sister Mantos Last Night Mirror Mirror Remix

I’ve recently become obsessed with a “moving image” app called PHHHOTO. It doesn’t take a photo or a video but does take a kind of gif that is the most dynamic form of sharing that I have ever seen online: I love it.

This is one of the reasons the video for local performance art/music group Sister Mantos‘ song “Last Night” remixed by Mirror Mirror is particularly spectacular. It takes a great song, crashes it into a glitch bomb dance wonderland, and then visualizes it with a bright moving image video that is impossible to hate. This is your Friday jam, folks.

The song is off of the band’s latest remix album and it has a brightly colored stop-and-go queer performance video to go with it—and you can’t really separate the two since they both are interwoven so closely. The remix takes the song from it’s formerly lo-fi rock base and exchanges it for gritty, fuzzy, retro house. That doesn’t sound like a good pairing but it is *quite* wonderful. The video appropriately builds in a stop-motion way that reflects the articulation of lyrics and globular bass hits. It moves through a few movements: there is a dreamy, colorful, shrimp headed Quinceañera dining scene, there is a locked in toast, there is the past, present, and future of a relationship (well, one-night-stand), and a whole lot of delightful ambiguity.

The performance in the video is perfect as is the art direction and costuming (much of which comes from Henrik Vibskov). The song is absolutely infectious and will have you repeatedly listening to it for the day, carrying you into the three day weekend. If you can’t get enough, please check out the remix album this song comes from. This local effort does not disappoint.

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