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The Recap, What’s Happening This Weekend: 8.29 – 9.1


Three day weekend? Yes, three day weekend, dudes! CHECK THE RECAP!!

Friday, August 29
• Donuts returns!! Get into it, dance folk.
• 100% Silk is having a great dance party.
• FYA is hosting Sundown Stock Exchange.
• Catch Ty Segall at The Echo…all weekend!
• It’s the start of LA Times’ The Taste.
• Second day of the Everything Is Festival.
• Catch art/comedy show Picture This.
• Last day to catch that crazy amazing installation at Materials & Applications!
• Bye, my 1st irl art show.
• Bye, Meg Cranston’s Poodle Mix.
• Bye, Joe Goode at Kohn Gallery.

Saturday, August 30
• Go check out this giant Oinkster party, y’all.
• The Meme Machine at Agency opens.
• Go boat in the LA River!
• The Showtime movies are ending…go see one outside!
Clean Aesthetic is opening a new show today.
Corey Helford will help you be an art collector.
• More Everything Is Festival.
• More Ty Segall at The Echo!
• Foodies: enjoy LA Times’ The Taste!
• There is a film screening at Materials & Applications!
• Bigfoot West turns five.
• Bye, Elias Telles at Good Luck Gallery.
• Bye, Fahey/Klein’s Japan Diaries.
• Bye, little group show The Cartographer.
• Bye, Sense Of Self at LACDA!
• Bye, Contort Yourself at Kayne Corcoran Griffin.
• Bye, latest CES graphic show.

Sunday, August 31
• GLAMFA is coming to CSU Long Beach’s art department.
• Your diva friend is having a Labor Day party.
• Last chance to see that Laurel & Hardy Hollywood Museum show.
• It is the final day of LA Times’ The Taste!
• It is your last chance to trade in good intentioned plates at Heath.
• Go see some film oddities at the Everything Is Festival.
• Go on a field trip to Disney with Charles Phoenix.
• It is your last chance to check out a Ty Segall show! He’s been here all weekend.
• It’s the end of the Mohawk Bend three year celebration.
• Bye, Profanity Pop at La Luz De Jesus.
• Bye, first Little Big Man show.
• Bye, latest A+D show.
• Bye, Recline/Design out in Palm Springs.
• Bye, PMCA shows!

Monday, September 1
• Happy Labor Day!
• Here are some Labor Day happenings.
• …and here are some more!
• Enjoy a pool party with Otherwild.
• It is the last Chaya Beer Garden date.
• It is the final day of the Everything Is Festival at Cinefamily.
• It’s the first day of late night burgers at Golden Road, Mud Hen, and Lindy & Grundy.
• Bye, Sundown Stock & Exchange at ForYourArt.

Tuesday, September 2
• Trance Farmers’ first album is out today.
• L.A.P.D.’s new album is out today too.
• Vote on LA2050 projects starting today!

Wednesday, September 3
• Catch more of The Writer’s Room at DBA.

Thursday, September 4
• Go see a talk with Meg Cranston and John Baldessari at USC.
• Catch some more Twilight Concerts at the Santa Monica Pier.
• Tobacco is in Pomona, if you can’t catch him tomorrow in town.
• Last chance to help out Vagabond theatre.
• Help stop Cancer out in Malibu.
• It is the last Swine & Dine event.
• Bye, GLAMFA at CSU Long Beach!

Friday, September 5
• Bettina Hubby and friends head to Side Street Projects.
• La Luz welcomes The Coaster Show.
• The new Levitated Mass documentary is out!
• Tobacco is playing in town.
• A new show opens at Theatricum Botanicum.

Selected Ongoing Items
• This new Peaking Lights song is great.
• Have you seen the KRINK X Modernica collaboration?
• Please enjoy art by Lindsay Preston Zappas.
• And the Made In L.A. 2014 winners are…
• iko iko’s new show should be pretty cool.
• The new LA OAK is cool.
• Some LA parks now have free wifi!!
• Check out Jimmy Marble’s new book.
• How rad are these works by Masood Kamandy?
• We L O V E Zinque.
• We’re very much digging these necklaces by Myers Collection.
• Love this Maison Louis Marie candle.
• Eat this!
• Listen to this!
• Visit this!
Get drinks from this!

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