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The Recap: What’s Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 9.12 – 9.14


Plans are plans that you make—but why plan when you can just do something? Like what? CHECK THE RECAP!!

Friday, September 12
• Enjoy jazz at LACMA with Ernie Andrews.
• The LA EigaFest begins today, film folk.
• CalArts’ Wild Beast concert is happening.
• Citizen Culture opens at SMMOA.
• Gusford welcomes Love The Skin You’re In.
• Time & Eric & Dr. Steve Brule are at The Ace.
• Gob Squad is at REDCAT.
• Diavolo is happening at the Greek.
• Bye, Alexandre Ballouard at Matters of Space.
• Bye, The Unfinished at the LA River.

Saturday, September 13
• Go see Kehinde Wiley at Roberts & Tilton!
• Hey, party art people: go to Step And Repeat at MOCA!
• It’s the FINAL Showtime outdoor movie.
• More Unprivate Collection talks at The Broad.
• Lily King arrives at Matters Of Space.
• Catch the last Saturdays off The 405 at The Getty. Bye, Summer!
• The Ford welcomes Zev Yaroslavsky.
• Tim Hailand heads to Maloney Fine Art.
• The Autry welcomes Jackrabbit Homestead.
• Pia Fries comes to Christopher Grimes.
• Roberto Chavez’s Vincent Price show opens today.
• Two new Hammer Projects open.
• Eat. Drink. Art. is today at Barnsdall.
• Rebecca Farr takes Klowden Mann.
• Subliminal Projects welcomes double show Spirit Animal.
• A new West Adams art space called Le Pêche opens today.
• Baik welcomes Hands Across The Water.
• Check out the Frogtown Art Walk!
• Corey Helford wants to help you start an art collection.
• More EigaFest!
• Gob Squad is at REDCAT.
• Have some family fun at LACMA.
• A bunch of fun, new PMCA shows open today.
• Min Song heads to Young Art.
• Owen Pallett takes the El Rey!
• C. Feign’s new show is Somewhere Between.
• Bye, Neck Face at New Image.
• Bye, Videotag out in Hawthorne.
• Bye, Call Of Duty at Will Turner.

Sunday, September 14
• It’s the final Voices Of LA event!
• Catch a talk at Rancho Los Alamitos.
• Clare Graham comes to CAFAM!
• …and New Directions at CAFAM.
• Final day of EigaFest.
• There’s another reception for Ani Kasten at Heath.
• Gob Squad is at REDCAT for one last day.
• The PMCA shows are officially open.
• Catch Lily Simonson at CB1!
• Deaf West Theatre debuts Spring Awakening.
• Bye, other cat show at Heath.
• Bye, Emmy show at The Hollywood Museum!
• Bye, Expressionism show at LACMA.
• Bye, John Altoon at LACMA!

Selected Ongoing Items
• LOVE Gary Baseman for Coach.
• These little paintings of LA (not so famous) views is rad.
• Learn about THE SERIES.
• This new Peaking Lights song is great.
• Please enjoy art by Lindsay Preston Zappas.
• iko iko’s new show should be pretty cool.
• The new LA OAK is cool.
• How rad are these works by Masood Kamandy?
• We L O V E Zinque.
• Eat this!
• Listen to this!
• Visit this!
Get drinks from this!

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