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Our 2012 Resolutions

Our 2012 Resolutions

2011 was a big year for us. Not only did we launch, but we got to share so many fun things and meet so many fun people, all in hopes of showing everyone that Los Angeles is the place to be. We’ve covered a lot of subjects like architecture, food, fashion, art, theatre–but have so much more to dive into. For 2012, we want to kick up our game on so many more fronts. Los Angeles is a gigantic–GIGANTIC–city and it deserves so much more than what we have been doing. We wanted to start the year on the right foot, sharing our resolutions for the 2012, the year we make everyone see Los Angeles as the best city in the United States–and the world.

More Design
As our sister website is The Fox Is Black, a website that has a very large voice in the design community, we want to make this one of our top prioritiesin the new year. This is going to cover a few different subjects, from local design online and to things that are popping up all around the city. Perhaps a reimagining of the well intentioned, very terrible looking AIDs Healthcare Foundation billboards? Or, perhaps, a critique of the newly redesigned Arlight website, which is OK looking and very, very difficult to use? Both totally options for design coverage that is much, much needed in this city because no one else is really talking about it. For these, the responsibility will be handed over to Mr. Bobby Solomon, Los Angeles’ own expert in the field.

More Architecture
We’ve shared some architecture in 2011, but we want to share more and diversify what we are sharing. We loved being able to post what the new West Hollywood Library looked like a day after it opened; but, that was the only time that happened. We did discover and share the history of a few spaces, but that was it as well. Our city is gigantic and there are a lot of spaces to share–and we want to be the ones doing it. We don’t want to be Curbed, but we do want to get inside the city’s coolest spots that you may or may not have been inside of. Not only will we be giving the history of buildings, but we are going to get all up in the spaces–and hopefully can preview a few as well.

More Music
Okay, we know it: we dropped the ball on this. It’s a little hard to narrow down *good* new bands and songs coming from or aimed toward Los Angeles. We want to work harder and throw more music at you guys–from rap to dance to rock to any other sound people are calling music these days. This will include concert coverage along with some musical things, aside from just “This is a Los Angeles band–listen to them!” Prepare thy listening decices, y’all.

More Opinions
There is a lot to say about Los Angeles and lots of voices to speak about it. There’s more to talk about than just food and design related items: we need to share opinions. We’re a car city, let’s talk about car culture. We lack the sufficient Metro, let’s talk more about the Metro. There are celebrities here, so, well, let’s talk about that as well. Let’s get talking about things that irk us and things we love about town: let the conversations begin!

So, not really parties, but gatherings, events, get-togethers–you name it. We want to create assemblages of cool people doing cool things at cool places around town. We want to do dinners and have art shows and create spaces where people who have never met each other can meet each other all for the sake of good, clean fun in this city. Moreover, we want to showcase local artists and have events where we all can meet those we’ve all wanted to meet around town. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be the ones stepping up LA’s fashion, food, and art scene all in one event…WHO KNOWS???

We noticed this for some time, but we want to add some diversification to the site. As we’re doing in subjectivity (design, architecture, music), we also want to do in who we are covering. A lot of our Featured Interviews have been white men who make things, which is great; however, that is a very narrow corner of this city. We want to showcase more women and more people of color: we want to show all of Los Angeles. Moreover, we want to share those voices as well on the site through opinion and subjectivity as well. We have a lot of contacts; however, if you know anyone who should be featured or shared–let us know. Send us a note, please!

Expansion of Coverage
Where have we been covering? Not that much of Los Angeles. Our city is big and we want to talk about places beyond “hot spots.” We need to branch out East and West and North and South. We should even walk all the way around the border of the city and county for stories–and we will. Expect more of this and–as Alissa Walker as our inspiration–you will see more of the city. And, again, send us a note on things outside of our scope, please!

Credit Where Credit Is Due
The last of our resolutions, we hope to give credit where credit is due…by some fundage. To support local up-and-coming artists (and our writers, photographers, ourselves, etc.), we want to support those who are working to put LA on top. The number one thing we have in mind is a bi-yearly–maybe quarterly, if we can–scholarship for artists working locally. For designers and artists and writers and performers, we will open up the door to getting those people what they need to do what they do. There are lots of people in town without the resources they need to do it. If we can help out in some form or function through a little help from friends, we will do it.

And, with that, those are our 2012 resolutions for Los Angeles, I’m Yours. Anything else you think we need to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!! We totally want to hear and want to expand our scope beyond this list! Happy New Year and enjoy the January nice weather (before it cools off for a bit).

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