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Alvaro Ilizarbe’s Mazey Worlds

Alvaro Ilizarbe Los Angeles Art 3

Alvaro Ilizarbe is a Los Angeles by way of Peru artist whose work is about filling space. He creates worlds that are a jumble of shapes. They form patterns and organize themselves into little cities: what may look like a tangle of lines is actually a meticulously planned ecosystem for an imagined world. He is a king of organizing the chaotic through art.

Alvaro Ilizarbe Los Angeles Art 1

Alvaro Ilizarbe Los Angeles Art 2

Much of Ilizarbe’s creations are unique to a space, site specific sprawls that transfer you to a different place. His work has recently gotten smaller and smaller while getting bigger and bigger: his latest body of work are molded wheels that appear to be zoomed in looks at a bigger picture. They appear as a messy map placed onto a circular(-ish) form but, really, they’re a bridge from spanning ecosystems to bold, intimate moments with loose geography.

If you scan his history, you will notice that the newer works also introduce a bit of drama by way of color. Ilizarbe typically works in black and white but he’s recently broken out of those two colors, opting for complimentary colorations and monochromatic fields. It certainly adds a depth and further complexity to already complex work.

Alvaro Ilizarbe Los Angeles Art 4

Alvaro Ilizarbe Los Angeles Art 5

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