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The Recap: What’s Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 10.10 – 10.12

The Recap: What's Happening In Los Angeles This Weekend, 10.10 - 10.12

How is it almost halfway through October? How?? CHECK THE RECAP!!

Friday, October 10
• Sayre Gomez takes François Ghebaly with I’m Different.
• Your girl Rhonda is partying with Actress.
• Re-Animator: The Musical is back in town!
• Catch a doggie show at Flower Pepper.

Saturday, October 11
• Kara Walker is speaking at The Broad!!
• Songs For The Witch Woman opens at MOCA.
• Hands Across The Water opens at Baik.
• It’s a Craft Affair gala is tonight!
• Catch a reception for Lily King at Matters Of Space.
• Catch Mouth To Mouth at Ate9 Dance Company.
• Get your script on with TypeEd’s Scriptology.
• PARTY WITH A DAY IN THE DESERT!!! Blondes and Actress will be there.
• Isabella Rosellini is performing Green Porno at the Natural History Museum.
• Final day for the LAMA auctions.
• Catch Sincerly, at Ambach+Rice.
• Street Life is opening at Fahrenheit.
• It’s Artisanal LA, foodie folk.
• Ben Sanders’ Chilligan’s Island is happening today.
• Rosamund Felsen is having the reception for their Kathleen Hendersen show.
• Cinefamily is screening One Day Pina Asked.
• Go see German films with the Goeth Institut.
• Video game people: go check out Indiecade!
• Bye, Min Song at Young Art.
• Bye, Old & Curious Books at Gabba Gallery.
• Bye, Not So Soft at Le Pêche!
• Bye, Spirit Animal at Subliminal Projects!
• Bye, Doug Aitken at Regen Projects!

Sunday, October 12
• Tennis and art folk: it’s the Mak Games!
• Last day of German films from the Goeth Institut.
• Last chance to see Ate9’s Mouth To Mouth.
• Charles Phoenix is headed to MOCA for a Downtown architecture tour.
• Today is the LAMA auction!!
• Take your kids to make things out in Eagle Rock.
• Yo, foodies: more Artisanal LA is happening.
• Indiecade is still happening in Culver City.
• Bye, Yvonne Rainer at The Getty.
• Bye, Fallen Fruit at Skirball.

Selected Ongoing Items
• We love Mandy Kahn’s poetry in Math, Heaven, Time.
• Go read sci-fi tale Foreign Waters by local Alec Rojas.
• Help out local films L.O.L.A. (Lift Others L.A.).
• You should use these cute illustrated drought tips.
• Jimmy Marble needs your help!
• LOVE Gary Baseman for Coach.
• These little paintings of LA (not so famous) views is rad.
• This new Peaking Lights song is great.
• Please enjoy art by Lindsay Preston Zappas.
• iko iko’s new show should be pretty cool.
• The new LA OAK is cool.
• How rad are these works by Masood Kamandy?
• We L O V E Zinque.
Get drinks from this!

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