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A Groundislava Video Game From The Great Nordic Sword Fights

The Great Nordic Sword Fights Groundislava Rare Times Girl Behind The Glass

With all the technology available to us today, the limits of the music video—or any video—as an entertainment devices are extremely limiting. Undoubtedly an excellent medium, these little visual interpretations of songs can sometimes feel without an immediacy or a demand from the audience, leaving them as a one-time, calorie free form of entertainment that you pop into and pop out of. You often watch a music video once or twice, eventually leaving it behind for the easier to consumer song: that’s the nature of the format.

This in mind, artists like The Great Nordic Sword Fights are looking beyond the bitesized and into more productive productions. The opportunity to direct the music video for Groundislava‘s song “The Girl Behind The Glass”: instead of making a little movie, TGNSF made a video game.

The game (and walkthrough, above) was directed by TGNSF and produced with collaborators Globodigital, We Did It, Adam Robezzoli of L.A. Game Space, Ben Vance, and Adam Ferriss. The result is a glitchy, colorful, pixelated wander from a futuristic reality into a shamanic dream world. It places you into a very late night atmosphere, placing you into a daze state (drugged, even) as you lightly maneuver through a fictional environment. The song—while not over or underwhelming—serves as very loose instructions, its storyline running in parallel to the “game.” It requires repeated plays to “get” what is going on—and even then, you still probably haven’t even scratched the surface of intent.

If anything, the video is an experience. It’s not a music video or a film but instead an immersive, alternate reality of what “The Girl Behind The Glass” is. It is a story instead of a song and, appropriately so, TGNSF and company were able to execute a neon realm for listeners to inhabit as they attempt to find this girl. The game is free and can be downloaded from Groundislava’s website. If you dig the track, you can get the entire album here.

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