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A Fire Nearby


It’s not everyday you wake up at 3:13 a.m. in West Hollywood due to helicopters, sirens, smoke, and search lights, but even a tree-lined neighborhood just down the road from Monique Lhuillier and DVF gets the opportunity to experience a little “disturbance” now and then. And if you haven’t heard the news about the recent LA car arsons, you were probably living somewhere near the Rose Parade or keeping up on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter background. All this to say, Sunday night was a fun one for us Hollywood folks.

While the New York Times probably did the best job summarizing the physical and emotional events over the holiday weekend and the mordant attitude we all took to hoping that our 13 year-old Toyota Tacoma with one side view mirror would be lit aflame, it wasn’t until early Monday morning that things began to feel real. (Un)fortunately, my flat has a balcony overlooking much of the area around La Cienega and I have to say that it looked a bit like the town had taken a war-torn turn. Granted, I’ve never experienced real war tragedy but suffice it to say all doors were still double locked and I kept a good eye on our backyard carport.

As outlined by the LA Times many of my neighbors turned to social media to read real time reports (of course with a grain of salt) but it was certainly the most up to minute news you could get at the pre-dawn hour. In the article, the LA Times interviewed me on the events occurring just around the block and I was quick to mention my slight disappointment that I wasn’t the first on the scene like Sohaib Athar’s (@ReallyVirtual) remarkable yet unknowing tweet regarding the helicopter raid that took down Osama bin Laden. That being said, I was fortunate the LAFD and LAPD were taking care of the residents and eventually captured a suspect.

For most of us this will be a small blip in what hopes to be a fortuitous 2012 but for those affected by the fires I wish you the best working with the sometimes tricky auto insurance industry. In retrospect, it’s probably best that my neighbors can still drive their forest green Chrysler Sebring convertible as much of an eye sore it is.

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