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On 2015 or: Where Have The Posts Gone?

2015 Los Angeles I'm Yours

It is 2015 and, as I do every year, I attempt to map out our future for the upcoming months. With the recent past being fairly quiet (i.e., scant posting), this leaves Los Angeles, I’m Yours in a very peculiar position: what is our future? Where are we going? How does the current run affect the future?

The quick, blunt, obvious answer is that L.A.I.Y. has gone on an indefinite hiatus, going out to graze and gaze colorful sunsets above the ocean from the tops of hiking trails. Partly a result due of commitments from work unassociated with the website and partly because the city has changed a great deal, the desire to dedicate hours and hours and hours a week to something there was no longer exciting became a reality. It became a chore and not fun and it was time to actually read the writing on the wall instead of pretending it wasn’t there.

The past few years have been wonderful, though. With Los Angeles, I’m Yours, myself and Bobby have gotten to meet some idols and make new friends, go to crazy events and do some crazy things: there have been no regrets. I slaved over posts and am so proud to have shared so much of the city, regardless of what outcome was. It became more and more difficult to write about something out of obligation: the “fun thing” became an annoying job that I had to do outside of my day job. When that happens, it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing.

So, I did. I tied up all our loose ends in terms of Featured Interviews, tried to crank out the final few posts that we had to get out, notified a few contributors who had been sending in posts, and let the site stand alone, untouched. A few persons sent notes asking where the updates went but the overall late-October, post-third-year-anniversary silencing wasn’t really noticed. It was a bittersweet non-happening.

While it is basically the end of L.A.I.Y., it is not absolute: there will be occasional but quite infrequent featured posts (No more Newsbites and therefore no RECAP, wah wah.) that will most likely be cross-posted through The Fox Is Black. The Twitter will absolutely keep going, sharing occasional stories and news, but the Facebook and Instagram will be mute. I and the entire team over here—namely Bobby, Dottie, and Scooter—hope you have a fantastic year in this city. Hopefully, this year isn’t as dry.

To a spectacular 2015!
Kyle Fitzpatrick

PS. Below find links to all of our contributors—past and present—in alphabetical order. Give them a follow them a follow on their social media accounts—and support their work!

PPS. If you miss my writing, don’t fret: a new website is coming soon. Follow @1234KYLE5678 for details.

PPPS. To this day, I have never heard the song “Los Angeles, I’m Yours.” In fact, I didn’t know it was a song for some time.

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