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Mickey Duzyj’s Patron Saints Of Time Travel

Mickey Dyzyj's Patron Saints Of Time Travel

Yesterday, we got word from designer Mickey Duzyj about something he made for Echo Park’s Time Travel Mart. The mart is a part of 826 LA, a non-profit organization that supports and educations students in writing. Through tutoring, workshops, English language education, and many other things, 826 helps students so much (and not just in Los Angeles, also Boston, DC, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Valencia, and Ann Arbor). They also have themed stores to bring in income for the organization, which–for Echo Park–is the Time Travel Mart. Mickey made something for 826 to sell in the store that you have to, HAVE TO hear about: Patron Saints of Time Travel Candles.

“I’ve been a big fan of these centers since reading about how the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco gave kids fun & non-intimidating environment to be creative in, so was excited to get an email from Jon Korn (one of the founders of the Time Travel Mart) about designing a series of products for the LA store,” Duzyj said of the opportunity. With that, he set off to make the candles. He researched and pulled inspiration (from “those tall religious candles that you can get almost everywhere”) and settled on three major thinkers in the “time travel” arena: Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, and Ronald Mallett.

Incorporating their work (formulas, explanations, quotes, etc.) into his aesthetic, he made the super rad candles–and they are really, really great. They are fun and have lots of personality and represent each of the “time travelers” in a way that can’t really be explained, aside from looking at them and seeing how atmospheric they are. They candles are being sold individually for $12.99 each and by set for $35.99 (and you can grab them here). Below, you’ll find some of Mickey’s sketches along with a .gif he made to give a 360° view of the candles.

Mickey Dyzyj's Patron Saints Of Time Travel

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