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Nite Jewel’s “One Second of Love”

Nite Jewel's One Second of Love

LA native Nite Jewel (real name: Romona Gonzalez) is branching out and maturing. She’s left the likes of synth-pop/italo disco superstars Italians Do It Better and seemingly deceased indie label Gloriette Records for the more adult Secretly Canadian. Her image has also gone through a bit of a shift, from blurred cutesy little lady to somewhat dark femme fatale. A little over two months ago, she released two tracks from her new album One Second of Love. The tracks–“Sister” and “She’s Always Watching You”–were OK: there were somewhat awkward, jagged, and too far from her original, “delicate” sound. They weren’t enough of a departure. In her latest single, “One Second of Love,” she’s hit a perfect pairing of edge and elegance (and has created 243 seconds to love).

The song is a handclapping, drum driven, swelling synth exercise that is more powerful than anything else she’s perviously produced (lightyears ahead of her Good Evening LP, Am I Real? EP, and–even–her funkier It Goes Through Your Head EP). This effort is exactly what fans of her work were hoping for: something that is more polished than previous efforts and, really, something that matches these sexy press photos of her we keep seeing. Take a listen to the song below and, by all means, pray with us that the rest of the eponymous album follows suit.

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