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Jason Koharik’s Sculptural Lamps

Jason Koharik's Sculptural Lamps

If you’ve been inside of the Lawson-Fenning in Silver Lake, then you have definitely encountered the work of Jason Koharik. He is the man behind those beautiful and incredibly varied interpretations of the bullseye. He is a very talented fellow, dipping toes in the worlds of furniture design, interior design, and mixed media art. Very recently, he has completed a few new pieces that are not bullseyes but are instead a bit lighter: lamps!

The lamps are a part of a series entitled Collected, which are exclusively for sale at Lawson-Fenning. He calls them “New Noveau,” drawing inspiration from the linear design movements of Art Nouveau and French Modernism. Each lamp is different from the next, all of them with their own personality and uniqueness. In keeping with their sources of inspiration, the lamps play with black and whites, balanced with touches of gold and silver.

Jason Koharik's Sculptural Lamps

Like his bullseyes, they are incredibly varied: some are table top lamps, some are tall floor lamps, some are to be fastened to the wall, and some are polycephalic and to be fastened to a wall. I can’t imagine them not being the perfect compliment to any home or apartment in need of more light and, obviously, more beautiful lamps. While being extremely easy on the eyes, they also have this almost science fiction slant to them, some of them looking like creatures you may find on Mars or dwelling in a robo-phobic creature feature (example, example, example). Nevertheless, their elegance knows no limits.

You can snatch these up at either the Beverly or Silver Lake Lawson-Fenning and, should be curious of how much they are going for, you will have to give them a call as there is no mention. Be sure to check out the Collected page here and Lawson-Fenning’s blog for more photos and details.

Jason Koharik's Sculptural Lamps

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