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B.C. X Delivery, An Overlap Of Los Angeles Dance

B.C. X Delivery

There are very, very few entries into the current dance musical landscape of Los Angeles. The entries we have are all border on the properties of very, very OK and very, very unoriginal and very, very trying too hard. There are many examples we will not share; however, there is one group that is transcending those types and actually entering into a respectable category. The group is B.C. X Delivery, a local dance super group composed of the vocal group B.C. and production clique Delivery.

A few months ago, they released their EP Return To Me, which was released through Rhonda International and Scion A/V. Now, you may be wondering who “Rhonda International” is and guessed it had something to do with local dance mainstays A Club Called Rhonda. If you did in fact think that, we would be giving you at least seventy high fives. The EP is the first release from the label which comes from the only locals who actually have *good* taste in dance, house, and techno music, responsible for bringing artists like Azari & III, Tensnake, Virgo Four, Joakim, Omar-S, House of House, Tiger & Woods, and many more. The group is essentially the personification of the dance club night, silly-edgy clothes and dance moves included.

The group is a bit Azari & III and Hercules & Love Affair, throwing late eighties/early nineties Chicago house at the center of their work, evoking a grandchild of Trax Records. Now, although their work is inspired and pretty good, it doesn’t quite touch the likes of either ampersand superstars quite yet (or any of the headlining Rhonda acts, for that matter). B.C. X Delivery has some time to go before they can claim the stage but, as of now, they’re doing a real good job of making LA proud.

Be sure to check out B.C.’s Soundcloud for more of their work and you can download their EP here. Below is their music video for “Return To Me” along with the tracks “That Melody” and “Diamond & Gold.” Keep your eyes on these kids. They should be going places!

The Melody by BCkingdom

Diamonds & Gold by BCkingdom

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