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A Look At Daisuke Okamoto’s Process

A Look At Daisuke Okamoto

I never really thought that watching someone create art would be stress inducing until today, when I watched a little video made by Downtown’s Hive Gallery to promote their latest show and the work of Daisuke Okamoto. Okamato is a local artist with a very unique visual vocabulary of circuitous tiles that he latches together with his pen to form detailed images. While his work is cool independent of his process, his process is even cooler–even though it may make you watch through your fingers.

Now, don’t get me wrong: he isn’t using shards of glass to draw or anything unsafe or actually painful or stress causing. The thing that makes his process so strenuous is in the details, which it is absolutely full of. Working in such a small scale and with such miniature pieces, construction of a piece appears just as high-stakes and laborious as brain surgery

The piece Okamoto creates in the video is for Hive’s Hive Tarot 3 show, which runs through the end of the month, in which Okamoto created a very stylized version of the Queen of Swords tarot card (which it looks very much like, even though we preferred the black-and-white version to the final color version). The piece took him a little under a month to produce and required three to four hours a day of work to create. It is a job very well done, since it’s a feat very, very few can achieve.

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