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The Burger District, Los Angeles’ Burgerhood

Burger District, Los Angeles' Burgerhood

We had suspected that the burger trend was on the fall, but apparently it is not quite done yet. There are still new burger places popping up around town, including the excellent Short Order and the super new, recently reviewed here Fuku Burger. One area in town is the focal point of the burger trend, a zone for basically anyone to start flipping burgers. The area is totally accessible by Metro and what we are calling the Burger District, a little burgerhood in Hollywood.

The District spans as far North as Franklin just West of Gower and as far South as Sunset and Orange. The area is in the heart of Hollywood, amidst lots of silly people, tourists, and somewhat unkindly characters. These places are usually not mobbed by any of those types, though, as only locals are the type they attract. The District is broken down into two sections: Corridor and Periphery. The Corridor places are ones directly off of Cahuenga between Sunset and Hollywood, give or take two blocks. These places started and are riding the burger wave hardcore and are the heart of Los Angeles’ Burgerhood. They’re the more unique, less corporate places that rely on the competition each other brings to the District. The Periphery items are more classic places that have either been in the area before the Corridor popped up or are a little bit removed from the area but also have a great burger. We figure the more, the merrier!

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Umami Burger
Why here? This is the local chain that started it all. The Cahuenga location was one of the first offshoot spots they created and, situated within Space 15 Twenty, they won’t have any trouble finding a cool crowd ever.
What do I get? The nicely spiced Hatch Burger, blue cheesy Port & Stilton, or the Truffle Burger.

Stout Burger
Why here? This was the first follow up burger place after Umami arrived. Their service can be dicey but their burgers are just as good–if not sometimes better–than Umami. Great beer selection, too.
What do I get? The Italian Goombah, the softly spicy SHU Burger, or the classic Stout Burger.

Fuku Burger
Why here? A newcomer to the area, this place takes a Japanese flavor approach to burgering, almost sidestepping Umami’s fifth taste and taking their food fair to an entirely different place.
What do I get? The Tamago (“Egg”) Burger. Why? Read about it here.

Juicy Burger
Why here? Just a jump from Cahuenga, this little corner spot is keeping things classic with a hint of new. You also are in charge of crafting your own burger, which you can grab and eat on the go. They also are known for creating craft versions of popular sandwiches.
What do I get? Their take on classic Juicy Burger, the barbecued Western Burger, or the interesting Popeye Burger.

Why here? The O.G. burger place in Hollywood, they still are serving their classic and abiding by the new motto that they are “still LA’s best burger.” Since they are not a burger place only, be sure to try their non-burgers if you want some great, mature bar food.
What do I get? The straight up English Muffin Bowery Burger with your choice of cheese and add-ons.

Go Burger
Why here? This corner spot is relatively new and doesn’t seem to have very many people, as it is quite an interloper (as they are from New York’s ESquared). They have lots of food and offer signature burgers and ones you can custom build.
What do I get? The Asian inspired Miso Hungry or you-might-have-a-heart-attack Mac & Cheeseburger.


Jack In The Box
Why here? They are the best spot to go after 2AM when you are ready to go home, want a quick burger or chicken something, and don’t have time to wait at In-N-Out.
What do I get? Anything. You are probably with friends, drunk, and won’t remember anyway.

101 Coffee Shop
Why here? From the trendy people behind Dominick’s, this upscale diner is great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–not to mention occasional celebrity sightings. They also have great burgers served all day!
What do I get? The Turkey Burger, which is the best in town (note: add Swiss and liberally add the aioli that comes with it).

25 Degrees
Why here? Inside the Roosevelt, this little burger place is a huge deal on Yelp, even though locals are “Meh.” about it. You’ll have to fight tourists for a burger, though.
What do I get? The Number One, Number Two, or Number Three, all of which are just copycats of other places on this list.

Why here? This is the classic California burger–and the only one in the heart of the city.
What do I get? Duh: a Double Double, Cheeseburger, or Hamburger…but you should probably get a Double Double.

Mel’s Drive In
Why here? This classic place has been seen in many movies and, like 25 Degrees and In-N-Out, will be mobbed with people. But, good, all American burgers!
What do I get? The serious eating Famous Melburger or the delightful Mushroom Burger.

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