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Trippy Food’s Trippy Testicle Meal

Trippy Food's Trippy Testicle Food

It’s not very often that you get to see someone make gross food that isn’t on Fear Factor. Well, apparently there is a market for it and Los Angeles is actually home to a celebration of that: the Los Angeles Weird Food Festival. While looking up items surrounding the Festival, there really wasn’t very much information (as it is “more of a dinner party than fairground event”). However, we did find a video from the guys who won Best In Show at the Festival: the guys of Trippy Food, a site that celebrates food oddities and things you eat that may also make you vomit.

Trippy Food has been at indulging in food of the strange for years now so it is no surprise that they took the cake at the small festival. What did they make to woo everyone? Llama liver with testicles. Sounds great right? No. It sounds awful. But, Val of the Trippy Food prepares it in a way that makes it seem quite edible. Preparing the meats with red wine, onion, and cactus (yes, cactus), he turns the meats you wouldn’t normally order into a South American treat. To our surprise, he turned the cactus, onion, testicles, and wine into a delightful meat sprinkling to go atop of the steak-like Llama liver.

Wishing you could make the dish? You are in luck! The guys also made a video of the process and share how you, too, can make this exotic meal. The video is not gross at all and runs a little over nine minutes. You’ll be surprised by how educational it is. Did you know that you have to cook testicles extra long because they are so watery? Neither did we.

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